There has just been an announcement that the Tasmanian Government has formed a working party to try and lobby for greater air access to Tasmania.

I hope there is more action than just a committee. The full story is at:

This story from The Mercury.

Flight plan for air access

THE State Government has announced a working group to improve air access to Tasmania.

The Mercury reported that the state was virtually cut off from the rest of Australia last week because of a lack of flights and the only tickets available cost more than a ticket to Bali.

Tasmanian tourism boss Luke Martin attacked the Government saying it lacked leadership and needed to do more to attract flights and airlines to the island.

Tourism and Hospitality Minister Scott Bacon said some problems with access were beyond government control.

“But there is clearly a case for improving capacity in and out of Tasmania,” he said.

The group will give information to Government to create business cases for lobbying airlines for more flights. It includes the Tourism Industry Council, Tasmanian Hospitality Association and Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Perhaps we should all contact our local government members and make our protest views known. Please let us know your thoughts.


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