There is a white wine tasting event in Hobart on the 15th and 16th of October 2011 at the Henry Jones Art Hotel on the Hobart waterfront.

The tasting includes sparkling wines, white wines, Rose and desert wines. For an entry fee of $20 you receive entry and a Plum wine glass to keep.

We will be going so hope to see you there. We missed out on the red wine weekend this year but will be sure to try that one out as well next year.

If you like Tasmanian white wine then this is a great opportunity to taste Southern Tasmanian white wine all in the one spot rather than having to travel around. Should be great fun and will definitely need a taxi!

The home website of the event organisers is at:  Wine South Contacts




Photo credit: Strathlynn Restaurant at Ninth Island Vineyard | Tourism Tasmania | Garry Moore