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Fishing on the beach at St Helens Point | Tourism Tasmania | Glenn Gibson

Fishing on the beach at St Helens Point | Tourism Tasmania | Glenn Gibson


This blog is about everything to do with Tasmania and living in Tasmania. It is provided as a resource for those planning to move to Tasmania and also for anyone living in Tasmania.

Content is provided by Jo and Dale Reardon who own and operate Settled In Home Search and Relocation Services. You can learn more about us here. The blog was originally located on the Settled In website and now stands alone here.

We welcome your comments on posts, new and old. We will respond to your questions and help you as you plan your move to Tasmania or enjoy life in Tasmania.

Please get in touch if you would like to suggest topics for the blog. Perhaps there is some information you are having trouble finding, in which case there are likely to be others in the same situation.

If you are planning to move to Tasmania or buy property in Tassie, then please contact us to talk about how we can help you make it happen.

We look forward to talking with you about all things Tasmanian.


Jo and Dale





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  1. Louise February 13, 2014 at 12:11 pm - Reply

    Hi! I have recently stumbled across your blog as my husband and I, together with our two preschool aged children, are planning a move to Tasmania from Adelaide (once we have secured work there).The roles my husband has been applying for typically pay around $60k + super. It is our preference to initially rent within 20 – 25 minutes of Hobart whilst we decide where to settle long term, and ideally I would stay at home until our youngest is at school (3 years). I have read that whilst housing is cheaper in Tasmania, the cost of living is higher. We do not live extravagantly and $60k here is enough for us to life off, meet our (small) mortgage repayment and save a little. The cost of rent there would be $50 – $100 more than our weekly mortgage repayment and if other living costs are slightly inflated there I am concerned that we won’t be able to make ends meet, or will need to take a step backwards in lifestyle. Are you able to offer any opinion regarding the cost of living in the Hobart region / Tasmania in general? I apologise if this has been covered elsewhere in your blog – I am wading my way through it gradually!
    I’m not sure whether this will help but currently we spend around $220 – $250 week on all groceries / shopping, $40 week on petrol, $200 month on gas & electricity (slightly more in summer & winter), plus phones, internet, insurances, car running costs, incidental medical / vet etc etc – the list goes on!
    Thank you in advance for your help 🙂

    • Jo February 13, 2014 at 12:47 pm - Reply

      Hi Louise,

      Thanks for contacting us about your plans to move to Tasmania.

      We lived in Melbourne for a long time and then returned to Tasmania a couple of years ago. For me I find the costs of living similar, in that there are swings and roundabouts.

      Here we can afford to live closer to the city and have minimal travel and fuel costs. The travel distances are a lot less and if you choose to live close to where you need for work etc, then you won’t spend a lot on fuel. That was a reasonable expense in Melbourne. Our car recently hit 40,000 kms and we worked out that if we had stayed in Melbourne it would be around 90,000 km by now. We did live out of town a bit though. Also, we chose to reduce our mortgage when moving, which also lowers our outgoings.

      Electricity and gas are more expensive here. You can check the per unit costs on the Aurora website. They are the only electricity retailer. Aurora and TasGas both retail gas. From there perhaps compare to your current usage and costs to see what more you may pay per month or quarter.

      For food, it is hard to tell, although I feel like it is similar. The main supermarkets have different prices even in different parts of Melbourne. I think it is more about what they can get away with! I would suggest doing a basket of goods for an online shop at your current address, save the basket and do again for a Hobart address. It would be interesting to see the difference. Aside from the main supermarkets we have some smaller ones which are good and offer great quality fresh produce.

      For phone and internet, many areas now have the NBN. There are less providers for the NBN than on the mainland due to the costs of coming over Bass Strait, but their plans are good. We have a post on choosing phone and internet suppliers.

      I hope this information helps you and others. We also have a few posts related to cost of living.

      I shall also email you separately in case you do not see this reply.


  2. Louise February 13, 2014 at 12:58 pm - Reply

    Wow Jo! Thanks for your prompt reply and for your suggestions. That’ll certainly help to eliminate the guess work! It looks like I have some more reading to do! I’ll get in touch if I can think or anything else or need your services 🙂 Thanks again, Louise

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