Today is the first day of Spring in Tasmania – and it has brought some much needed rain in Hobart and cooler weather than we have enjoyed over the past few weeks. Despite the good weather recently, Spring usually means a real mix of weather. Some previews of summer and some reminders of winter.

Winter has seemed fairly mild and the large dumping of snow a couple of weeks ago on Mount Wellington was very late in the season. Prior to that many days were mild and sunny. I spotted the spring blossom on the trees in Hobart at least a month ago.

The weather bureau if forecasting a warmer than average spring this year, including warmer nights. The average maximum temperature in Hobart is 15.1C for September, 17C for October and 18.7C in November. That suits me!

Now that we will get more and more warmer days, we will definitely be enjoying the beach near our new home in Kingston Beach. One end of the beach is reserved permanently as a dog exercise area. You can see our dog Charlie below chasing his ball into the water a few days ago.