Mt Wellington | Tourism Tasmania | Nick Osborne

Mt Wellington | Tourism Tasmania | Nick Osborne

Mount Wellington, or “The Mountain” as us locals refer to it, stands proudly over Hobart.

A drive to the top of the mountain is a popular activity for tourists and locals alike and the views are spectacular. However, it is very possible that the weather up there is very different to what you experience in Hobart at the same time. The mountain is 1271m (4166ft) in altitude.

You can now check the current conditions online, via two webcams that were installed recently. The images are updated every few minutes and can be viewed on the Hobart City Council website. One webcam shows the view over Hobart and the De=rwent River and the other shows a section of the visitor zone at the Pinnacle.

The other place to find out more about the mountain is at the website for Wellington Park. This site provides a wealth of information about the mountain and surrounding Wellington park, including information on walks, weather and wildlife. It is well worth a look.

I hope you enjoy your next visit up the mountain!