We were recently asked the following question from someone planning to Move from Malaysia to Hobart.

Hi, I’m from Malaysia.

Will be going to Hobart this February to do my undergraduate studies at the University of Tasmania.

Appreciate if I could details of the climate there like the difference seasons (and when they occur), ranges of temperature (and also the average temperature of a certain time), whether it snows and etc (pretty much any other info you’d think would be useful to me…anything at all).

And coming from a country where its mostly sunny and rain only(Malaysia), would also appreciate the types of clothes you’d recommend me to wear around Hobart(would a simple jeans and t-shirt suffice etc), especially during the winter(heard it can get really really cold for us that we’d even have to go to the extent of covering up our faces as the extreme cold weather could cause cracks in our faces).

Please do explain as thoroughly as possible on the weather/climate there that I would be experiencing as I have never been overseas during periods like winter and autumn where its cold(and since Tasmania is away from the rest of Australia, I heard its more prone towards European climate so I have no idea what their summer and spring would be like either).

Appreciate all the inputs very much and thank you all for your time.

Fabian Jules


Weather in Hobart

Our response to Fabian

Hi and welcome to our site,

I am sure you will enjoy Tasmania but I admit it will be a climate shock to start with. Even when Hobart has very warm weather it is very unusual to get high humidity which we like a lot.

You will need warm clothing in late Autumn and Winter. There is a shop called Kathmandu in Salamanca Hobart whose website is at:

Kathmandu Australia – Outdoor Supplies Clothing – Camping Equipment . It has excellent Winter clothing – they have a sale on at the moment which I go to most years (have been and bought shorts this Summer). The Winter clothing will probably still be on sale when you arrive so will be worth a look. They have polar fleeces, jackets, shirts, vests and all sorts of socks, gloves and other warm clothing.

I do wear gloves during Winter myself when out walking so you will definitely need some of those. You may also need ski hoods but check out the above website for a full selection. I really don’t think your skin will crack though.

You might also like to look at another post from a while back discussing the weather in Tasmania: What is Tasmanian weather really like?

When you look at the average temperatures in Hobart do take into account that the weather really does feel warmer than the absolute temperatures indicate. I am truly not kidding you – my skin gets sunburnt more in Tasmania than anywhere else and it really does seem it is several degrees warmer than the absolute temperatures indicate.

In terms of seasons Hobart definitely has 4 seasons – Summer (December to February inclusive), Autumn (March to May inclusive), Winter (June to August inclusive) and Spring ( September to November inclusive).

Having said that Hobart is very much like Melbourne – you can have all 4 seasons in one day – it can start out raining and end up very sunny in the afternoon – you really do need to be prepared for all types of weather at any time of the year.

Last week we had some very hot weather – 31 to 36 for several days but today is very average – only around 18 degrees.

It does snow in Hobart but mainly on top of Mt Wellington and elevated suburbs near the base of the mountain. If you live in the suburbs near the University you are unlikely to experience snow at home but it is possible. When I was an undergraduate at University in Hobart it did snow in Hobart city itself and when working at Kingston it did snow right down to sea level. However those are very much the exceptions. You will be able to enjoy snow if you travel up the mountain but you shouldn’t have to deal with it around your house.

We will however get frost and ice in Winter at times so you need to be prepared for that.

On another note you will need to make sure that the house or apartment you rent has adequate heating. Heating in Tasmanian houses generally can be variable and not always good. You may need to purchase an extra electric heater or oil filled column heater.

In terms of the seasons the other thing you will notice is the long hours of daylight during Summer (the longest day is 22 December and shortest day is 22 June approximately). It can be daylight until 9.30 pm during the peak of Summer. During Winter it can be a bit depressing at times and turn dark around 5pm.

You will need a good raincoat as well of course.

Once you become used to the weather you can wear shorts during Summer and yes jeans and t-shirt will be fine but you will need jumpers, jacket or fleece on top of that to stay warm during Winter.

Autumn is when the weather starts to get a bit colder but not as bad as Winter and March can have some very nice warm days still.

It can rain a fair bit during Spring and the weather is starting to warm up.

I will see what others have to say and add some more things as I think of them.

Please feel free to ask any other questions.




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