Tasmanian Devil | Tourism Tasmania | Chris McLennan

Tasmanian Devil | Tourism Tasmania | Chris McLennan

1. Where in Tasmania will you move to?

Most people are attracted to Tasmania for the lifestyle it offers. If you choose, you can most likely afford to live closer to a main city than in other parts of Australia, meaning that your travel times to work and other activities are reduced in a big way. Peak hour doesn’t really have too much of an impact here…

Or if you are looking for a rural lifestyle then this can be achieved either within commuting distance of a major city or further afield.

Visit the ‘Choosing where to live‘ section of this blog to read more about Tasmania.


2. Are you taking a long term or short term view for your move?

The decisions you make in planning your move will depend on whether you are thinking of your new life in Tasmania being just for a while or as a permanent move. It is important to work out your motivations and reasons so that you make the right decisions.


3. If you own a home now, will you keep it or sell up?

This is a big one and there are many variables, including the point above about whether the move is for a set time or permanent. Other factors will include the property market where you currently live and if you intend to buy straight away or rent in Tasmania.


4. Will you buy or rent your new home in Tasmania?

Many people who move like to rent for a while even if they intend to buy down the track. One reason for this is so they are sure that the area they buy into suits their lifestyle. Plus, before you move there are likely to be areas that you are not at all familiar with that may later become a favourite spot.

Of course, if you plan to buy, even later, it is hard to resist looking at the current properties on the market and there is every chance that you will find something wonderful just waiting for you. There is no harm in just looking…  If you do find yourself falling in love with a place online, we can inspect it for you to save you the cost of travel, which seems even more expensive when you are not successful in finding a property.


5. How will you earn an income in Tasmania?

People relocate to Tasmania at all different stages of their lives – many young families, those working in all sorts of professions at different levels and also those seeking a perfect place to retire.

If you need to find work in Tasmania, check out Seek.com.au for the most listings. All government jobs are advertised at www.jobs.tas.gov.au . New jobs are published on the site each Wednesday in the Gazette. Jobs are also advertised in The Mercury newspaper (Hobart) and some of these are online in the classifieds on their site, but not all. There will always be some that are only in the physical paper, most commonly trade positions and the like.

The Examiner newspaper covers Launceston and the northern region and The Advocate newspaper covers Devonport and the north west. Each has positions advertised in the newspaper and online.

It may also be appropriate for you to directly approach some employers in your field.


6. When will be a good time to move?

For some, there will never be a perfect time to move and you will just have to decide and then do it. For many, the timing will be based on when a current home lease ends or when the house settlement occurs if selling.

If you have children it is also worth thinking about the timing in terms of the school year and also in terms of significant milestones like starting primary or high school.

If it is essential that a job is secured before making the move then that, of course, will determine the timing. You may even be lucky enough to have your new employer pay some of your costs or relocating.


7. How much will the move cost?

Buying and selling property is expensive and will cost you whether you are moving to the next street or moving to Tasmania.

Aside from those costs, you need to be prepared to pay for removalists to move your belongings. I would recommend having a thorough clean out and decide any big items you will sell or give away before you get quotes so that you receive quotes based only on what you intend to bring. For a normal household moving from Melbourne, you can expect to pay in excess of $5000 for professional removalists. It will be more from other places and quotes will vary significantly, so get a few and ideally based on recommendations. All, however, will include the high costs of bringing your goods across Bass Strait by barge or on the Spirit of Tasmania. It is also worth checking the requirements of Quarantine Tasmania before you pack up too.

Once in Tasmania, it is likely that you will have the cost of temporary accommodation before you move into your new home. This can be for just a few days or several weeks depending on how you have chosen to search for your new home.

If you move without having commenced your home search (other than online) then you are likely to need several weeks of temporary accommodation, which can easily cost up to $1000 per week for a family and probably $500 at a squeezy minimum.

To arrange your new home before you move you will either need to undertake one or more visits to Tassie to try to arrange or engage us to help you find a rental property or place to buy. Even if you are moving from Melbourne the costs for a recce trip for two people for a three-day trip will easily exceed $1600 each time, before adding in your time to arrange the home search.

For a similar cost Settled In can do the whole search and all inspections for you, providing detailed reports and additional photos and ensuring that the recommended property meets your needs. Plus this is done over a longer period than just a couple of days.


8. How will we make new friends in Tasmania?

It is important to acknowledge that it will take time to settle into your new hometown and to start to make friends. If you are working you will start to meet people through work and if you have children you are likely to meet other families through the new schools.

Those who play a sport or have hobbies and other interests will likely find groups and clubs in Tasmania to suit them. Tassie may be small but we have a little of everything for you to enjoy.


9. What will you miss from your current home?

I suggest thinking about what you might miss about where you currently live. Firstly, make sure you add some local favourite activities to your to-do list before you leave. Secondly, start to think about how you can find similar activities in Tassie. If you ask Settled In to help with your move then we can help you with finding activities for all the family.


10. What will our new life in Tasmania be like?

Your new life in Tasmania can be whatever you want it to be. You can enjoy a quiet life or an incredibly active life, or something in between. You just need to make the time to search out activities and groups that interest you to meet new people and start to be involved in the community. You will soon start loving the short commutes, the arts, food and wine, the weather and the beautiful fresh air – plus everything else Tassie has to offer.


We really hope that once you get here that you love Tassie as much as we do.

Please contact us if you would like any assistance with your move and to ask any questions.