Photo Credit: selva via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: selva via Compfight cc

Whatever your political views I think we can all agree that faster, more reliable internet, particularly with greater upload speeds, is vital to Tasmania and Australia. Tasmania needs the NBN to give our residents greater business opportunities and to attract people to come and live in Tasmania.

Jo and I have had fibre NBN connections in Sandy Bay where we previously lived and it was a crucial part of our decision to move to Kingston Beach which was in fact one of the first areas to be switched on for the NBN in Tasmania. It has made our business and daily life so much easier – not to mention how fantastic Netflix is!

Just recently the NBN has become available in half of Hobart and this news is brought to us courtesy of the ABC.

We think it is important to let you know the progress of the NBN rollout in Tasmania. It is very disappointing that not all of Tasmania will receive fibre NBN (obviously apart from the fixed wireless and satellite regions) and it is further disappointing that the rollout is well behind schedule.

However we think it is important that you investigate the availability of the NBN when choosing your house to buy or rent.

Here is the full story with the latest details:

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is now available to half of Hobart’s homes and businesses. The milestone comes with a pledge to have the whole of Tasmania connected by the end of June 2018, making it the first state to be completed.

The parliamentary secretary to the Minister for Communications, Paul Fletcher, said construction would have commenced across the entire greater Hobart area by the end of next year.

“The rollout of the NBN is now accelerating here in Tasmania and nationally,” he said. “It’s an enormous benefit for homes, but it’s also an enormous benefit for businesses.”

The goal is to have 83,000 premises connected in greater Hobart. Nearly 100,000 premises across the state have now been connected.

The managing director of Hobart IT company ISW, Ian Warner, said the NBN had dramatically improved the operation of his business.

“In years gone by, we’ve had to strategically place ourselves in the same premises as a telco in order to keep our costs competitive because bandwidth is essential,

[but] when we knew that the NBN was coming it enabled us to relocate,” he said.

“Now we run teleconferences and web conferences, we sell software all over the world, we’ve been able to build our business from Tassie. Last year we had a record – we grew our export revenue by 30 per cent, to over $1 million.”

Mr Fletcher said the rollout was also progressing well across the rest of Tasmania.

Ninety fixed wireless stations are now operational, the latest at Neika, near Mount Wellington. About 28,000 premises are now connected to fixed wireless.

For those in remote areas, a long-term satellite service is planned, the first to be launched by mid-next year.

NBN recently announced it would hire an extra 200 people in Tasmania to complete the rollout.