Battery Point | Tourism Tasmania | John de la Roche

Battery Point | Tourism Tasmania | John de la Roche

Well more news has just come out regarding Tasmania’s property market and Hobart is doing very well. It is still a buyers market and we can help you find some good bargains if you are looking for a house in Hobart or Tasmania.

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Here’s the full report:

This story from The Mercury.

Tassie’s hot properties

THE trendy inner-city food locale of North Hobart has been named the hottest suburb in which to sell property in Tasmania. yesterday listed the 10 Tasmanian areas where demand for property was strongest and North Hobart was ranked the best in the state.

Five of the other top 10 were inner-city areas West Hobart, South Hobart, Battery Point, Hobart and New Town while the other four were on the fringe Taroona, Mt Nelson, Lenah Valley and Acton Park.

The rankings are based on the number of visits to the real estate website.

In other places, such as the West Coast of Tasmania and in Sandy Bay, sellers have been slashing their asking prices by up to 20 per cent.

Statistics from RP Data Weekly showed that Clarendon Vale had the cheapest house prices within 10km of a capital city in Australia.

Glenorchy had the most affordable median sale prices for units within 10km of a capital and Risdon Vale had the highest rental yields (8 per cent).

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