A Few Stats About Tasmanian Weather

Tasmania has a similar latitude to Spain north of Madrid, Southern France and central parts of Italy and enjoys a temperate maritime climate, with four distinct seasons but not vast extremes of temperature.

Summers are mild and winters cool. The average maximum daily temperature in summer months is 17 to 23 degrees, and the average temperature in winter is in the range of 3 and 11 degrees celsius.

An interesting stat that we love to share with people from mainland Australia is that Hobart has the second lowest rainfall (after Adelaide) of all Australian capital cities with an average annual rainfall of 626mm. However other parts of the state do get more rainfall, with the west coast long term average being 2,400mm per year.

Current Weather Forecasts

Current weather forecasts are shown below for the main cities and key locations in Tasmania.

Click in the location field to search for any other cities and towns in Tasmania.

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