Congratulations on your decision to move to Tasmania. We hope you love living here!

A major decision to make when you are moving to Tasmania, is to decide on you new home. Whether you choose to rent or buy, it is important that you find a place that feels like home, is within your budget and is in a location that suits you.


Some Information to Help

To help you get started with this aspect of your move, we would like to direct you to a few of our blog posts that will help you.


Current Real Estate Listings

To see the current property listings – to buy or rent – in your preferred part of Tasmania, you can start by looking at the real estate listing sites shown below.

The Mercury newspaper weekly property guide (print only, each Thursday)
All Homes
Buy My Place

Our recommendation is to use This has the most complete listings for Tasmania.

Visit the listing sites to start to get an idea of what you can get for your money in Tasmania. You can look up the current listings for properties to rent or buy, or look at listings for sold properties to see what the real prices are in the suburbs and towns you are interested in.

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