Here is an article on how Tasmania is an exciting place to live and home for Merridy Eastman.

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Exciting, but Tassie is home MERYL NAIDOO | October 10, 2011 12.01am

TELEVISION star and author Merridy Eastman cannot get enough of her home state Tasmania.

“I come home as often as possible,” Eastman said yesterday on her latest visit.

“Mum and Dad are here, and I love Hobart. I went to school here, so I have lots of friends still here.”

Eastman, who grew up in Sandy Bay and attended The Friends’ School, plays Donna Mackey on the hit show Packed to the Rafters, joining the cast a year ago.

She has been a Play School presenter and is author of There’s a Bear in There (and He Wants Swedish), which tells about her time working as the receptionist of a Sydney brothel.

After a move to Germany when she was 41 years old and pregnant, she married her prince, Tom.

She began her third book seven years ago — How Now Brown Frau, which was launched in Hobart on Friday.

“I returned from Munich two years ago and I’d just been writing and someone rang me from Channel 7 and I started doing Rafters,” Eastman said.

“I had already heard of its popularity in Munich, so I felt very lucky … and still do.”

Eastman spent her teenage years performing in local theatre productions before leaving the state to train at NIDA when she was 19.

Now in her late 40s, she said her 40s had been an “exciting time”.

“Henry was born seven years ago, I eventually finished my second book Ridiculous Expectations, lived in Germany, joined Rafters, finally finished How Now Brown Frau and everything else,” she said.

How Now Brown Frau is the story of what happened next, after Eastman found herself on the autobahn in Munich, newly married, four months pregnant and without a word of German. It’s a tale of crossed cultures, motherhood, marriage and family.