Find Answers to Your Questions

Congratulations on your decision to move to Tasmania. We hope you love living here!

Most of the questions we get asked by people planning a move to Tasmania, revolve around four key areas:

  1. Where should I live in Tasmania?
  2. How can I find my new home?
  3. How do I move my belongings to Tasmania?
  4. How can I find a new job in Tasmania?

The blog posts and other information we provide on this site will help answer those questions for you.

As a starting point, check out the following posts and pages.

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Deciding Where to Live in Tasmania

You may also want to read some stories of others who have already made the move to Tasmania.

In addition, the Move to Tasmania Membership provides you with a lot of Information to help you work out where to live in Tasmania, including videos where we talk through the pros and cons of different towns and suburbs.

Finding Your New Home

To see the current property listings – to buy or rent – in your preferred part of Tasmania, you can start by looking at the real estate listing sites shown below.

Our recommendation is to use This has the most complete listings for Tasmania.

Visit the listing sites to start to get an idea of what you can get for your money in Tasmania. You can look up the current listings for properties to rent or buy, or look at listings for sold properties to see what the real prices are in the suburbs and towns you are interested in.

If you are planning to find your home before you move and need someone to inspect the property on your behalf, please get in touch to ask about our Home Inspection Service.

Moving Your Belongings

Packing up and moving your belongings is a big task for most people. It is also very expensive to get your belongings to Tasmania, thanks to Bass Strait. Getting across the water adds significantly to the cost of moving. We have a couple of blog posts with some tips for you.

Finding Work in Tasmania

A really common question we get asked is about the work prospects in Tasmania. We are not experts in the employment industry, so it is hard for us to offer specific assistance. However, we have some information on the blog that will be useful to you.

To help you get started with this aspect of your move, we would like to direct you to a few of our blog posts that will help you.

Also, the main job search website in Australia is Seek, which is a great place to start your search.

Move to Tasmania Membership

A Move to Tasmania Membership provides you with even more help as you plan your move to Tasmania.

As a member you receive:

  • Exclusive access to Jo and Dale to get your individual questions answered
  • Factsheets, eBooks and checklists
  • Information to help you work out where to live in Tasmania, including videos
  • Links to what you need once you get to Tassie
  • A member discussion forum
  • And lots more

Tasmanian News, Weather and Events

Find out what is happening in Tasmania now – news, weather and events.

The Discover Tasmania tourism website is also a great source of information to help you plan a pre-move visit to Tassie.