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Most of the questions we get asked by people planning a move to Tasmania, revolve around four key areas:

  1. Where should I live in Tasmania?
  2. How can I find my new home?
  3. How do I move my belongings to Tasmania?
  4. How can I find a new job in Tasmania?

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You may also want to read some stories of others who have already made the move to Tasmania.

In addition, the Move to Tasmania Membership provides you with a lot of Information to help you work out where to live in Tasmania, including videos where we talk through the pros and cons of different towns and suburbs.

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Our recommendation is to use This has the most complete listings for Tasmania.

Visit the listing sites to start to get an idea of what you can get for your money in Tasmania. You can look up the current listings for properties to rent or buy, or look at listings for sold properties to see what the real prices are in the suburbs and towns you are interested in.

If you are planning to find your home before you move and need someone to inspect the property on your behalf, please get in touch to ask about our Home Inspection Service.

Find Work in Tasmania

A really common question we get asked is about the work prospects in Tasmania. We are not experts in the employment industry, so it is hard for us to offer specific assistance. However, we have some information on the blog that will be useful to you.

To help you get started with this aspect of your move, we would like to direct you to a few of our blog posts that will help you.

Also, the main job search website in Australia is Seek, which is a great place to start your search.

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69 thoughts on “START HERE”

  1. Elizabeth Mickley

    Hi Jo and Dale
    Our move is a plan in approx 5 years. We plan to retire there due to affordability, culture and lifestyle. I plan to purchase land at some stage preferably on the northeast coast, maybe Scamander? I will need to build and supervise from our existing home on the Tweed Coast. That way it will be one move.
    Cheers and thanks for the email.

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      Thanks for sharing your Tassie dream! It sounds like you have a fantastic plan. The east coast is just beautiful. Retiring by the sea sounds wonderful.


      1. Hi Jo & Dale,
        Received your welcome email thank you. My husband Ron & I love Tasmania having holidayed & explored there 6 times over the last ten years, have always talked of moving. Well both retired now albeit early. We are arriving again in two weeks time 25th May 2017. Staying for 4 weeks. This is our research mission as we would like to make a decision which area & of course type of house etc. So pleased I found your page. Do you meet people face to face? or would it be better for me to join. We love north & south of Hobart. Would like to move in the next 12 months..
        Cheers Janine.

  2. Just wondering why Ravenswood homes are so cheap considering they’re so close to Launceston. Is there something I should know? Wendy

    1. Hi Wendy,

      My advice is that there is always a reason! Ravenswood is an area with higher crime, higher unemployment, lower income etc. Therefore the housing is less expensive, despite the proximity to the city. Similarly you will find Waverley nearby and probably Mayfield are a cheaper too.

      I hope this helps!


      1. Hello,
        I’m looking to move to tassie, however I’m looking around Devonport area, what is the schooling like there? Population? Housing?
        Regards Lisa

  3. Hey jo and Dale my name is Holly I have two boys 8 and 6 I have been to tassie five times already and justast week I returned from another tassie holiday and this time my kids came too. They loved it any way everytime I’ve been there I wish I could live there iit feels like home to me. Any way my dream is to move and start a new life with me and the kids we want to live some where like Hobart but not in the city centre yer still out in the middle of nowhere and added bonus would be snow hahaha I honestly do not know where to start!!

    1. Hi Holly,

      It sounds like you are well and truly decided to move here one day! The advantage of the smaller cities here is that you can be within 20 minutes of the city centre and have some space around you. If you want to have snow where you live, then look at Fern Tree and surrounding areas, not too far from Hobart. It is a lovely spot part way up the mountain. Lots of bush too.


  4. Georgie Palmer

    We ate planning the move to Tassie before the year is out. We have chosen Burnie as more a temperate climate. And I need the sra aur because I have intermittant asthma living in our treechange suberb. Is Burnie a good choice we will be buying as close to beach as possible.
    Also crime rate?

    1. Hi Georgie,

      There are some lovely spots along the coast. Consider looking say around 15-20 minutes east and west of Burnie itself. So that takes you as far as Somerset towards the west and Penguin to the east. Being near the water is a wonderful bonus that can come from living in Tasmania. I love being right near the beach. We are just back from walking Charlie now!


  5. Hi Jo,

    We are a young family with a 1month old baby and we are looking to relocate to Hobart by the end of the year. I’ve been looking at the real estate for sale and quite like the Glenorchie and Montrose area. Is there anything we should know about the area? Any other tips or suggestions for us?

    Many Thanks,


    1. Hi Ev,

      Thanks for getting in touch. The suburbs north of the city are generally better value for money that some other areas of Hobart. However this is due to the demographics being a little different – with lower income and higher unemployment. In saying that though, things are changing over time and Moonah, Glenorchy and Montrose offer some good options.

      For info on suburb demographics, have a look at the Property Value website – – it shows you things like average prices, % home ownership, ages brackets etc. This gives you a little insight when comparing suburbs.

      I do suggest before buying that you spend a little time getting to know an area. Visit, walk around, check out the facilities. Perhaps even rent for a while first so you are sure you are buying into an area that will suit you. It is so expensive if you buy and then decide it isn’t right for you.

      All the best!


  6. Hi Jo, myself partner and teenage sons are in the prossess of purchasing a property at upper Esk. Hoping to one day be self sufficient . I realise there is not much there but hoping we will find some work. As I am in retail and aged care and my partner is a metal roofer . One of our sons is roofing also but has his heart set on joining the green army. And the other will be in year 12. So boarding school will be an option. We travel an hour plus to work at the moment so travel is not a problem. Any thoughts on what else we may need to think about.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Elisha,

      Congrats on the big decision to move and on finding a new home to buy. It sounds like you have a great plan for the future.

      In terms of things to think about, the big ones are a new home and jobs. Given it sounds like you are able to move first and then find work, that is the best way normally as having your feet on the ground and meeting people is usually the best approach. You will probably find there are jobs not advertised that you will hear about once you are in place and talking to the locals. Plus have a read of the posts listed above on this page.

      The other main thing is moving all your belongings. The posts above on this page have a lot of info and comments from people with ideas on that too.

      All the best with the house purchase. I hope it goes smoothly.


  7. Hi Jo!

    My partner and I are considering a move to TAS. What are your thoughts on Devonport? I am a French professor here in the US and previously worked in administration/office management and my boyfriend is a brewer and all-over outdoorsman type guy. He has worked many “handy-man” jobs and Tasmania has our hearts. Are we better off just moving with enough funds to rent a small apartment and find a job once we get there?

    Thank you!


    1. Hi Brooke,

      It sounds like you have spent time in Tasmania – have you been to the north west at all? It is a beautiful part of Tassie and Devonport is the largest city/town, but it is still small. In terms of location, I would suggest you work out the lifestyle you want to create and from there find the locations that will provide that. Head to the post above on working out where to live – – and there you can download a guide to help you.

      Part of that lifestyle is about finding work too, and if you can afford to arrive and then look for work then that usually works best. There are often jobs not advertised and once you get out and about meeting people and being proactive in your job search, you will find those. Have a look at the posts listed above about tips for finding work. That should help you.


  8. Hi Jo
    Thank you for this website! I have enjoyed reading the information, blogs and personal stories. My husband and I are hoping to make Tassie our home in the very near future, depending on how quickly our house sells once we put it on the market. We live in New Zealand and have visited 3 times over the last 6 years, deciding on our last trip that we definitely wanted to make the move. We like the Cygnet/Huon Valley area and love the East coast but haven’t really made up our minds yet. I feel another visit coming on!
    Ultimately, we would like a property with some bush as we are very interested in wildlife, however, we will need good internet connection as our kids (adults) are staying in NZ and I need to be in regular contact!!
    Thanks again for all the advice and knowledge about living in Tasmania.
    Alison & John

  9. Hi there!

    I am interested in immediately moving to Tasmania with my family. I am living in Melbourne and want to explore Tasmania. However, I do not have a job offer. It would be great if you could give me some advice about finding work in TAS. Also which city has better prospects in terms of jobs, school for kids, cheap rental and a warm weather conditions.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Amee,

      You will see further up this page links to some of the posts we have on finding work in Tasmania. I suggest you read through those first.

      It is always easier to find work once you are here, so if there is a way you can afford to move first, that would help.

      To maximise your chances, being near one of the main cities will provide more opportunities – so mainly Hobart and Launceston. Hobart is a city of just over 200,000 people, and the greater Launceston areas is around 100,000. So they are not large, but big enough to have most of what you need. It may be worth your while visiting Tasmania first to get a free for a location that suits you best.

      You also may benefit from our Move to Tasmania Membership. In there we provide a lot more help to work out where to live in Tasmania to suit the lifestyle you want and the budget you have for housing. There is a forum to ask questions too.

      If you do decide to join, just beware that we are currently experiencing some problems with the checkout process, so get in touch first and I can help you with setting up a trial account manually if it isn’t yet fixed. I hope to get this resolved later today though.


  10. Hi Jo

    My husband and I are keen to move to the West Coast of Tasmania, we have been down to look at acerage and to our disappointment found out that the land is zoned Rural Resources and that while it is not impossible to build a house it is not a given. The Council were helpful and advised me that in 2017 they will be looking at rezoning. I am going to try and find out the specifics of the Rural Resources zoning.
    We are planning to visit again to look at land and houses.
    Thanks for your blog.

    1. Hi Maree,

      Thanks for sharing your plans to move to the west coast of Tasmania. That certainly is a more remote part of our lovely island. Great to hear the council is helpful and hope that continues.

      Crossing fingers that there can be more certainly on building soon.

      All the best with your plans.


  11. Hi Jo
    We come from a very small rural community in NSW, so when we move we don’t want to be in a similar situation however we don’t want to live in a city either. Ideally we would like somewhere that is easily maintained, as I would be semi retiring. Somewhere that has great restaurants and good food shopping, as I would like to start doing a lot more cooking. My hubby is a truck driver and we would be happy to start a small business with a refrigerated or small courier truck. I hear work is hard to find in Tassie, so that could also be a limiting factor on where we live. We were thinking of Burnie, Devonport or Launceston perhaps. One thing that is a must, close to the water /river. Water views without spending a fortune would be ideal. We are visiting Burnie, Launceston and Hobart over the New year, so that will help give us an idea of where we would like to be. The other factor, is we need to sell our business to move.

    1. Hi Liz,

      Thanks for sharing your plans. It is a great idea to come over and have a good look around. Hopefully you will start to get a feel for the location that will work best for you and the lifestyle you want to create in Tasmania.

      As you drive around and look at spots with water views, download the app if you have a smartphone or tablet. You can then look at the map to see current property listings to rent or buy. This will start to give you an idea of locations that are in your budget, and what isn’t. Hopefully you are pleasantly surprised.

      Around Launceston, the water views will be mainly from Trevallyn and then further along the west Tamar, and the east Tamar towns. However the east Tamar does not have a lot of facilities.

      For the north west coast, of course there are many coastal properties. Some more enticing that others, depending on where the highway sits as it sometimes is right on the coast.

      Have a great trip!


      1. Hi Jo,
        Well we did our visit to Tassie and believe it or not, its Hobart that we fell in love with. We are back home now, and avidly on and homely to look at suburbs near the water. We didn’t allow enough time unfortunately to visit the places we now think we would buy into. The areas we are considering are Blackmans Bay (although it might be out of our price range), possibly Glenorchy (if we can get water views/glimpses and Austins Ferry looked like another option. We would really value your input on these locations. We have around $400K to buy but leaves no room to move for any renovations. When we are able to sell our business, we will be joining your membership, as I appreciate you run a business also. Any comment is appreciated

        1. Hi Liz,

          It is great that you have worked out that the move is the right thing for you! Re locations, yes there is a lot of information inside the membership that will help you. However, for now I can let you know that you won’t get views in many locations in Glenorchy. My pick would be Blackmans Bay, although likely more expensive option of those you mention. You have the advantage of the beach, great views, Kingston and facilities nearby and only 15 minutes or so from the city.


  12. hello what would be the best places to live around Hobart which offer the possibility of land with coastal views; good community and commutable to the city for schools and work? Thank you Carmel

    1. Hi Carmel,

      Sorry I missed relying earlier. You will find that Hobart – and a lot of Tassie – is very hilly. As such, there are many locations, even close to the city, that will give you great views of the river.

      Closer to your move, I would suggest that you sign up to the membership that we offer. I provide a lot of information inside about choosing where to live, including videos of me talking about different locations and the pros and cons.


  13. It seems that purchasing a house in Tasmania is a different process to NSW. Is anyone able to run through how it works please.

    We are coming to Tasmania soon to look at houses and/or land.


    1. HI Maree,

      The main thing to know about the process to buy a place in Tasmania is that there is no cooling off period. Once the contract is signed that is it. Also, offers are required in writing on the contact document. So if the vendor likes your offer and does not negotiate, they will sign it and that becomes the contract. You need to be sure you have all conditions clear in the offer.


  14. Hi, my little family is planning on making the big move by the middle of this year. We will have a new baby by then and are looking to open a small cafe in the town that we choose. A rural, self-sufficient lifestyle is our main goal, close to the ocean. I’ve been particularly interested in the Huan region namely Cygnet. Could you tell anything more about this town and region? I’ve gathered that it’s a bit of an artsy hub so I’m hoping it’s a popular tourist destination which could bring in potential customers.

    1. Hi Natasha,

      Cygnet is a lovely town and along with other parts of the Huon Valley, does have the artsy community that you are after. I would recommend visiting if you can to have a look around surrounding areas so you can decide where suits you best. Cygnet definitely attracts the tourists, particularly over the busier summer period.


  15. hi we are planning to move to tas in the middle of july we are looking at deloraine and westbury what are you thoughts on these towns
    thank you
    cheers wayne

    1. Hi Wayne,

      Thanks for commenting. I think for any regional area, if you can get to Tassie in advance of your move and spend some time there, it is a plus. Particularly if you are considering buying a home and putting kids in schools – both things that are more difficult to change if you decide that isn’t the right place. Smaller places of course have less facilities, less people and the population a little more spread out. It can be harder to find the right place for you. In saying that, both those locations are lovely and within reach of Launceston for occasional shopping etc.


  16. Hi Jo, my family and I are considering the move to Tasmania. We are in search of better living conditions and a better atmosphere in which to raise our girls. I have heard that many locals do not take kindly to outsiders….is this true? Plus I understand there is high unemployment and rising crime, but probably still better than Sydney. What are your thoughts? Could you please advise as to the financial costs we might be looking at in moving ie: moving our furniture, renting etc. I am wondering if this is such a good idea, although Tasmania is so beautiful and really appeals to me. We are hoping to get ahead financially by moving as we have no chance here in Sydney. i would be grateful for your thoughts. Thank you. Gina

  17. Hi Jo,

    I m new to this whole region. I think it would be great for me to move and start a new life. I am looking for a an opportunity to look for new ways to improve my living conditions and I do think I might want to be a citizen of Tas. I am also planning to move to Tas hopefully in a year or two. So how much is rent and how much would it cost for me to move overseas, etc. I would like to know how much it would be to to live there as well.

    Thanks, Tracey

  18. Hi Jo,

    We are from Asia. My hubby and I went to Tassie for vacation last month. It is our first time here. We are in love with the place especially Launcheston.

    We are contemplating of taking a year leave to explore the possibility to settle in this place before we made any decision.

    The postings shared are mostly from main state of Australia or from New Zealand.

    Could you share some experiences of how Asian adapt to this place? What are the job or business opportunities there? We are city dwellers for last 4 decades working in corporate world. We wanted a change but not sure what we will be in for.

  19. Hi Jo,

    we’re interested in the north east coast – love Bicheno, but realise the land may not be suitable for growing as it could have a high salt content. So we’re thinking St Helen’s, St Marys. We won’t be looking for work, but just need to know if these are safe crime-free areas?

    Also, access to medical centres – are there any in this area near St Helen’s and St Mary’s?

    Is the internet reliable in these two areas?

    thank you,

  20. Hi I’ve fallen in love with the George Town area but have had conflicting opinions on the health of the tamar and the industries n around that area. Would love your opinion.

    1. Jennifer Shields

      Hi we have just bought a house in George Town and know it is a bit lacking in some departments But wow so many new properties are been built as it is near to Launceston.
      Every city has good and bad . I would advise you join a craft groups to meet new people and having a little dog helps .
      I think it takes time to adjust to a quite way of life by its best not to look back only forward in your new chapter in life .
      George Town is changing and heading to be s wonderful area just ignore bad comments and embrace your new home .
      If it was a negative place to live there would not be so many of us moving there

  21. Jo, high, Matt’y boy, I have been flat out with organising the sale of 2 properties in Gosford (central coast) just north of Sydney. Soon as these are both sold, I will be migrating to Tasmania. The house has sold already, however the property on the hill will need more time and I can’t go south till both are sold, I am enjoying skimming through the information sent, however I wish to go into far more detail as soon as I have more time, I really appreciate the time and effort you have put into developing the information package, to aid all hopeful newcomers – considering moving to Tasmania. I will join up to the group soon, I am going through the booklet today, that you sent. I will be looking into all your sevices closely in relation to transitioning to Tassie. Again thank you Jo for your helpful guidance!

  22. Hi all,

    My in laws have just purchased average in the Black Hills from which they intend to settle into a small hobby farming foray.

    They have kindly offered my partner and I a place on their land to build a small cabin so we can make the move out of the hussle and bussle of our busy mainland lives and make the move to Tasmania to live more simply and sustainably.

    I would be dependent on New Norfolk for work and am wondering about the prospect of finding work there. I am an early years educator and my partner is an aged care worker. I would need to find work so that I could rent my mother a house so she could move to Tasmania soon after us.

    I am also concerned about bushfires and the prevelance of them in the area. We are from tropical North Queensland and are more used to cyclones than fires. Any first hand information about the practicality of keeping safe during high fire seasons would be appreciated.

    Finally, I have read that Tasmania is the road kill capital of Australia and was wondering if there is a strong community of wild life carers there and how you would go about enaggaing with them and becoming a carer myself?

    Thanks for running such a great space for those looking at making the move. I’m sure it’s a lot of work but it is very helpful and reassuring.


  23. Hi Jo,

    I plan on buying a home either in Cygnet or one of Hobart’s suburbs but I need to find a solicitor in Hobart. Can you recommend anyone? My solicitor in NSW can’t act on my behalf when I buy property in Tasmania. Thanks!


  24. Hi,
    We are looking at purchasing an investment property driving distance close to Hobart for around $200,000. Could you recommend any area’s. Thank you


    1. Hi Eugenie,

      You will find that there isn’t a lot under $200k thesis days. The average price in Tasmania is over $300k now and more for Hobart.

      See this search on for the greater Hobart areas –

      Most places will be in areas that are not considered the best. If a place is cheap there is a reason and often that is the location in a suburb that has higher unemployment, higher crime etc.

      I suggest you have a good look at properties available and search more broadly into country areas through the website.


      1. Thank you. Can you offer some advice on area’s that would make a good investment outside of Hobart but within driving distance (30-40 min) ?


  25. Hi Jo,

    My wife and I have been dreaming of Tasmania for 30 years. Last August, we finally had our first holiday there. It was the most wonderful holiday we have ever had 🙂 I think in our hearts we never left. With recent changes in my workplace, we now have the opportunity to live the dream and relocate there permanently. I’m considering purchasing the silver membership as we would need as much help and information as we can get with where to live and where to work. Is there anything else I would need to know about membership etc.?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Byron,

      Congrats on your decision to move to Tasmania 🙂

      The membership page details all the inclusions for the membership, so there isn’t a lot more that you need to know. However if you have any specific questions before you join us then please let me know.

      The silver membership gives you access to the member forums so you can ask all the questions you have along the way and get help with every step. This complements the information contained in the member site and means you can get specific answers to your questions, whatever stage you are at.

      I look forward to helping you with your move to Tassie.


  26. Jennifer Brierley

    I have been coming to Tasmania since I was about 19 when my sister and I did the Cradle Mt Lake St Clair trek and later climbed Federation Peak. I am now 76 and hoping to move to Tasmania from Brisbane. My two sisters have lived in Tasmania for 30-40 years. I plan to rent a small house near Launceston – may be Evandale – initially, and later buy when I know where I would like to and where I can afford to live.. One sister lives in Hadspen and one sister lives in Swansea.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for sharing your plans. It sounds like you have a lovely plan for your move. Evandale is a really sweet town. I do normally suggest that taking a little time to buy works best. Live somewhere in a rental if you can and then you will be sure.

      All the best with your move. I hope we can help you along the way.


  27. Hello Jo and Dale,

    We’re planning to move to Tassie from overseas over the course of the next 2 years and will have the month of November to check out Hobart and Launceston. We were wondering which real estate agencies in town have agents who are willing to drive you around neighborhoods to give you a feel of the area? That would be a helpful starting point for us.

  28. Hi Jo and Dale

    I’m currently working my way through the blogs and other information on your site as well as the regular emails which give a great insight into moving to Tasmania. We live in Perth and are planning our move within the next 6-9 months – looking for a quieter, more peaceful lifestyle, a natural and scenic environment to explore (we love walking) and above all, cooler weather! We’ve suffered through too many scorching Perth summers, with another one just starting now :(. We’re currently investigating work opportunities as well. The “Three Lifestyles” email we received today was very interesting, as this is exactly what we’re planning to do – a lifestyle change but still within 20 minutes of Hobart for work.

    A water view would be fantastic but we would also like a small acreage (anything from 2-5 acres would be plenty) as after living almost all our lives in suburbia, a “degree of separation” from neighbours is an absolute must for this move! What are your views regarding Sandford and surrounding areas? Some houses we’ve seen are very close to the Tangara Trail – are there any negatives associated with being so close to the trail e.g. privacy or trespassing concerns, noise, large groups of people using the track etc? We will also look into the areas you suggested in your email. Many thanks 🙂

  29. We plan to move to tassie in the next couple of years, mainly because we fell in love when we visited and to the cooler climate ( our irish ancestry skin). Sydney is now too hot and expensive. So we are seeking a simpler life probably in the New Norfolk area.

  30. Hi Jo and Dale,

    Which part of Georgetown do you think good to choose?

    I heard some of negative comments about this suburb. We’re planning to settle in there but not sure yet.

    We are a small family, husband and wife with 2 kids, 8 yo and 16 yo.

    Born and bread in Sydney.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Wanda,

      I suggest you have a look at this post – . There are a few comments there about George Town there.

      There is a divide in George Town between the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ side. The good side if left of the highway as you drive in from what I know. I have only done one home search there. However I did find the rental agents I dealt with to be very open about which properties were in better locations etc. They will tell you, and the price will reflect it a little too. I suggest giving one or two a call to have a chat.


  31. Hi Jo,
    I’m here from your email that I kindly recieved. We are looking to move to Hobart area later this year (2018), my hubby is waiting on a transfer to the new IHG Crown Plaza in Hobart being finished now. We have been searching the areas and have really liked Kingston, Old Beach and Howrah. We will be migrating with our 3 kids , dog and cat. We have wanted to do this for so many years that when the opportunity came up to have employment sorted, we were so very happy. Thanks for the email and mayne one day we can meet for a coffee and you could gove us the inside info on the best Hobart digs lol. Have a great week. All the best. Rebecca and Stephen Hardy.

  32. Hi, i plan on moving to Australia by the year 2020, i want to know which area in Tasmania will be best for my occupation as an Architect, i have 2 young kids both will still be under 10 yrs in 2020, so i need an area with proximity to good schools, church and maybe parks/recreational centers. It may be a regional area of low population area, i really don’t mind, i am about to start my migration process, but i need to get this right before i proceed.

    Thank you in advance for your ever encouraging response,


    1. Hi Tavershima,

      Thanks for your comment. I think for your profession you would be best to settled within reach of Hobart or Launceston, the largest cities in Tasmania. This is most likely be where most of your clients will be.

      For more specific ideas, I suggest you visit the blog posts suggested on this page for working out where to live and also the search facility will bring up more posts.

      In the Move to Tasmania Membership I have a lot of information there to help members work out the best place to live to suit the lifestyle they want and the budget they have, including videos where I talk through the pros and cons of various areas. The membership also includes a forum where you can ask whatever questions you like to get more help. You can read more about the membership here –

      All the best with planning your move.


  33. Hello Jo and Dale,
    I received your mail and I truly appreciate all you are doing here. My intention is to move to Tasie early 2019. I am a Nigerian and from all I have read about Tasmania, it is a beautiful place. I ‘ld love to get all the guidance you can give on the best place to settle as a civil engineer as well as the prospects of my profession. I look forward to moving over with my wife and our 16 month old daughter.


  34. Prof Andrew Tsarn

    Hello there to anyone who can help

    I am planning to move to Tasmania in late 2018 to early 2019.

    I have no family as my mother died recently and so I am in an extremely flexible situation as a retired 51yr old academic.

    I want to find a rental that is as close to the Home Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre as possible ie within walking distance

    or on the best bus route to the Centre.

    This is my number one priority as I train in swimming up to 4 times a week.

    I also would also prefer to rent a cottage/house up to $300-$350.00 per week.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Yours ever kindly,


    Prof Andrew Tsarn (Retired)(UK) [Presently living in Perth, WA with my mother until she passed away very recently]

    1. I am sorry to hear of your loss.

      It sounds like you are all set for a new start in Hobart.

      In terms of location, the only suburb that is close by the Aquatic Centre is Glebe. It is a small suburb that sits on the side of the Domain hillside. It is a good location within walking distance to the city and North Hobart. There aren’t a huge amount of rental properties that come up there, but will be here and there.

      Also, if you would consider an apartment, there are some on that side of the CBD that would be walkable to the pool – eg. in Collins Street.

      Jump on Google Maps and have a look around. Not a huge number of options for residences nearby, but definitely some and Glebe could provide a cottage in your price range. You would just need to be lucky with timing for something to come up when you are looking.


  35. You look like you have everything in order to help people moving to Tassie. I think the first thing is, it is a State of Australia and so what is on the mainland is available in Tasmania. and we use all the time to look at properties for our move back to Tasmania. We are fortunate that my wife is a Tasmanian and as a family we lived there for over 10 years. Although just turned 70 I still work part-time and will travel back to Brisbane to conduct any business. Luckily the modern day we use computers, mobiles and allows us not to have to call on people as much as we used to. We want a cool climate as we are very keen gardeners and Tassie offers all we want except we can only buy local plants. Interstate buying has to go through quarantine.

    We also looked at Victoria particularly around Ballarat and it’s surrounds but discovered it is colder than the NW of Tassie.
    We had our children at Scotch Oakburn in Launceston and then continue with the private schools in Brisbane. I think the levels of education were on par, with Scotch have a more nurturing environment.

    If you feel you have seen it all a number of times, then jump on a plane and fly to Melbourne, hire a car and travel around beautiful Victoria, flights if booked well ahead are very reasonable.

    Good luck Jo.

  36. Elda Gurabardhi

    Hello Jo and Dale,
    My name is Elda and I was born and currently live in Albania (Southeastern Europe). Me and my best friend have dreamt of moving to Australia since a lifetime and we feel that we can puzzle in Tasmanian life in a blink of an eye, as it offers the life we want to live. We are 25 and 30 years old, both have a Masters degree and 3+ years work experience in Accounting and Theatre Directing respectively. We are exploring the possibilities to move to, work and live in Tasmania within the next year, so we would appreciate your advise on any possibilities for us.
    I appreciate your time to reply back to my comment!

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