Find Answers to Your Questions

Congratulations on your decision to move to Tasmania. We hope you love living here!

Most of the questions we get asked by people planning a move to Tasmania, revolve around four key areas:

  1. Where should I live in Tasmania?
  2. How can I find my new home?
  3. How do I move my belongings to Tasmania?
  4. How can I find a new job in Tasmania?

The blog posts and other information we provide on this site will help answer those questions for you.

As a starting point, check out the following posts and pages.


Deciding Where to Live in Tasmania

You may also want to read some stories of others who have already made the move to Tasmania.


Finding Your New Home


Moving Your Belongings


Finding Work in Tasmania

Our Jobs page has links to several posts to help you find work. Plus we have listings of all jobs currently advertised online in Tasmania.

Click here to visit the Jobs page.

Move to Tasmania Membership

A Move to Tasmania Membership provides you with even more help as you plan your move to Tasmania.

As a member you receive:

  • Exclusive access to Jo and Dale to get your individual questions answered
  • Factsheets, eBooks and checklists
  • Information to help you work out where to live in Tasmania, including videos
  • Links to what you need once you get to Tassie
  • A member discussion forum
  • And lots more


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