Wineglass Bay from Mt Amos | Tourism Tasmania | Chris McLennan

Wineglass Bay from Mt Amos | Tourism Tasmania | Chris McLennan

We have been doing a little renovating around here and have a new style for our blog. We hope you like it!

The reason for this is that is was becoming clearer and clearer from conversations we were having with people planning a move to Tassie, that there were four main things they needed to know and wanted some help with.

  1. Where will I live in Tasmania?
  2. How do I make the move to Tasmania?
  3. How do I find my new home in Tasmania?
  4. How can I find work in Tasmania?

So you will notice that the home page is now structured around helping you find the answers to these questions.

The top section of the home page – with the large image – has four tabs, one for each of these questions. Click on the one that applies to you now. When you click on the image you are taken to a “Start Here Page” that directs you to best relevant blog posts to help you answer that question. There are also cheat sheets and checklists that you can download to make it even easier.

Also, from any page, you can use the “Start Here” item on the menu bar to head to any of these four pages.

The main body of the home page, below the large tabbed images, is now split into four sections – one for each of these key areas. The posts which show under each of those headings will be the most recent relevant posts for that category.

Of course we still have many many other posts about things that fall outside these main areas, and you can still easily find those as well – in several ways.

  1. Use the main menu to get to all posts about particular topics
  2. From the sidebar on the right side, under the heading “Find What You Need” use the category search or search box
  3. Also in the side bar, we have a list of the most recent posts that don’t fall into one of the other four categories
  4. At the end of the most recent posts in the sidebar there is a link to see all blog posts. Click on this to find everything, with most recent posts first

We encourage you to request copies of our checklists and cheat sheets. They are free and we have made them super useful for you to help plan your move to Tasmania. Once you request one, we will send you a link to a page where you can download as many of them as you wish.

So, how about heading over to our start pages to learn lots about moving to Tasmania.


All the very best with planning your move to Tassie.

Jo and Dale