Move to Tasmania Membership

Find everything you need to know for your move to Tasmania

Let’s make your dream lifestyle a reality


Planning your move to Tasmania can be very overwhelming

Do you need help finding the right city, suburb or town for the lifestyle you want?

Are you struggling to work out what you need to do, and when?

Are you confused about how the property market works in Tasmania?

The Move to Tasmania Membership has been created for you

This is the place to be if you are planning your move to Tasmania


The Move to Tasmania Membership

Everything you need to plan and make your move to Tasmania

What you need for every aspect of your move

  • Step-by-step guidance to work out the right spot for the lifestyle you want to create in Tasmania
  • Learn about the property market in Tasmania, and the process for buying or renting your new home
  • Moving with children: schooling, children and activities
  • Tips, links and recommendations for packing up, moving your belongings and pets and complying with quarantine requirements
  • Get settled in by finding out what is where, tips for finding work and some ideas for meeting people in your new home town

Let us show you around

  • We show you where to avoid and where to find the lifestyle you want – city, beach, semi-rural or something else
  • 150 minutes across 13 videos to help you work out where to live
  • This is the local knowledge you need to know before you decide where to live in Tasmania
  • You get access to the interactive Google Map, with locations marked, that we talk through in each video
  • Get a head start on your home search by deciding on your preferred suburbs and towns

Checklists and worksheets

  • Stop the overwhelm by getting organised
  • We cover every aspect of your move step-by-step
  • Packing up and leaving your current home
  • Finding your new home to rent or buy
  • Setting up your new home
  • Relocating your pets and settling them in Tasmania
  • …plus heaps more

Your questions answered by us

  • Visit the forums to get exclusive and direct access to Jo and Dale to ask your questions about any aspect of your move
  • Get help working out where to live in Tasmania
  • Perhaps ask for an opinion on some specific property listings, or schools
  • Ask whatever you need, at any time

Exclusive Access & Discounts for Relocation Services

Personal Planning Consultation

  • Only Members can purchase a Personal Planning Consultation
  • You tell us what you need help with and we get to work to find the answers to all your questions
  • We discuss the options with you, given the local perspective and help you take the next steps
  • Many people use this opportunity to get advice on where to live to achieve the lifestyle they want within the budget they have

Home Inspections

  • Members can purchase Home Inspection Services at a 20% discount
  • We will inspect a property for rent or purchase for you, as you would if you were in town
  • Available in the Hobart region
7 day guarantee


We offer a 7 day no questions asked guarantee

If you get inside the Move to Tasmania Membership and realise it isn’t right for you, then contact us within 7 days for a full refund.

We have full confidence in our product and know that using the information and tools provided will help you as you plan and make the move to Tasmania.

We are taking on the risk for you, so you can be confident in making the decision to join us today.

You can join us today and have the confidence of our 7 day guarantee.


You will find that a lot of your questions will be answered by the content included with the membership. We cover all aspects of your move.

You also get access to the Move to Tasmania Discussion Forum. Here you can ask questions about your specific move and get help with anything at all. We will answer your questions, and you may also get some help from other members who have already considered the options.

If you choose, as a member you can purchase a Personal Planning Consultation with Jo. You tell us what you need help with, we do whatever thinking and research is required, and come back to you to discuss via email, phone or Skype. Many people use this opportunity to get advice on where to live to achieve the lifestyle they want within the budget they have.

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to respond to questions via email or phone.

The facility to ask questions is available through the discussion forum, and also if you choose to purchase a Personal Planning Consultation.

Your Move to Tasmania Membership never expires.

We realise that people think about and plan their move to Tasmania across many varied timelines.

You may find you dip in and out of the site over just a few weeks, or over many months or a couple of years. Either way, we will be here to help you.

Well let’s be honest, you can probably find any information that you want to online, but it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy and it’s definitely not always true or from a trusted source.

The membership content brings together information from many sources, along with our personal knowledge of Tasmania and experience in relocating personally and helping hundreds more through our home search and inspection services.

You also get access to content developed by us, as experienced Tasmanian relocation consultants and born and bred Tasmanians. This includes videos to help you decide where to live, checklists and worksheets, and access to the forums to ask questions.

Move to Tasmania Membership is for you if…

You don’t know enough about the suburbs and towns to work out where to live

You are unsure if this is the right move for you

You are totally overwhelmed with how much you need to do to make it happen


The Move to Tasmania Membership

Work out if moving to Tassie is the right move for you

Find everything you need to plan and make your move to Tasmania


  • Membership does not expire
  • Learn all about Tassie from the locals
  • Find all the information you need to make decisions and make the move
  • Remove the overwhelm with the Checklists and Worksheets
  • Relocate the easy way with the Easy House Move e-Guide
  • Ask all your questions in the Discussion Forum
  • 20% discount for Home Inspection Services