Finding the right people for your business may sometimes mean recruiting from outside Tasmania, or moving current staff from another location into Tasmania.

Providing relocation assistance, beyond moving their belongings and some temporary accommodation, can make a significant difference for an employee. It will help them and their families be more settled and therefore more productive in the new role in the early days of the move. For a candidate it will help them decide if Tasmania, and your company, are the right fit for them.

​Settled In offers a range of services to assist you with this process. We are Tasmanian and understand Tasmania and Tasmanian business needs.

Recruitment Assistance: Orientation Program

The Settled In Orientation Program can be included in your recruitment processes when candidates from interstate and overseas are brought to Tasmania for an interview. This provides the candidates with an opportunity to start to assess if Tasmania will suit them as a place to live.

Alternatively the Orientation Program can be undertaken at the time of relocation or on the pre-move visit of a new or relocating employee.​ If conducted at this stage, the candidate may choose to focus on commencing the search for a home to rent or buy.

The Settled In Orientation Program includes:

  • ​a three hour tour of the city and surrounds, including key suburbs, a property overview, services and facilities, leisure locations and other points of interest
  • the tour is tailored to the participant’s interests, needs and family circumstances

​The Settled In Orientation Program is available in the Hobart and Launceston regions of Tasmania.


Executive Relocation Services

To assist in attracting your current or new employees to a new job in Tasmania you may choose to help them with the cost of relocating.

Engaging Settled In to help your employee find a home and settle in Tassie will free them up to focus on the new role. It will also free up the time of your other staff who may otherwise offer them some assistance.​

To make the transition easier and ensure they are settled at work and home more quickly, the services offered by Settled In will prove invaluable.

​We will work with your Human Resources department and the relocating employee to deliver a customised relocation service that meets the needs of your employee and remains within the relocation budget you set.

Executive relocation services include:​

  • ​finding a home to rent or buy
  • schools and childcare advice and assistance
  • pet relocation
  • settling in advice and assistance
  • additional information when moving from outside Australia

Contact Settled In to talk about your needs and to arrange a quote for these services.