Photo Credit: Cia de Foto via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Cia de Foto via Compfight cc

In Tasmania, children are required to start school in the year in which they are five years old on 1 January. Many children will commence kindergarten (part time) from the age of four, although this is not required by law. Children must remain at school to complete the year in which they turn 16, and then remain in some form of education or training until they are 17.

There are four school terms in Tasmania, with a long break over summer. The terms structure changed from three to four terms in 2013 and is now similar to other states in Australia.

Government schools are called public schools and the school your children attend will be determined by where you live. Fee paying schools are called private schools, with fees varying between schools, although in general they charge significantly less than in other parts of Australia.


Information on schools and links to school websites

Tasmanian Government Department of Education

The Department of Education website provides information on the school system in Tasmania, including term dates, the curriculum and the schools. The department covers Early Learning (including Childcare), Schools, Further Education and Adult and Community Education.

The Department has a range of fact sheets available for download on all aspects of schooling in Tasmania.


School Term Dates

Term dates for the current and two subsequent years for Government Schools. Private school dates are likely to vary slightly and you will need to refer to the website of each school.


Government School Directory

This Department of Education resource allows you to search for schools in Tasmania by postcode and also to download the full list of schools if required.


Private Schools Guide

This website allows you to search for private (independent) schools in Australia by city or region.


My School

The My School website allows you to search for all schools by suburb.


Australian Schools Directory

The Australian Schools Directory allows you to search for all schools by suburb, type, level and gender.


Care for Kids

Care for Kids is an online resource for finding childcare in Australia, including child care centres, family day care, after school care, nannies, babysitters and holiday care.


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