Myer Tasmania makes a long awaited announcement regarding re-building

If you are new to Tasmania and Hobart in particular then you will learn that Myer is very important to the Hobart CBD. Myer however was severely damaged by fire in 2007 and the Hobart CBD has been suffering ever since. Myer continued to trade in a scaled down fashion but it just hasn’t been the same at all. Tough times have ensued since 2007 for Myer and the Hobart CBD in general.

Now 4 years later an announcement has finally been made about the re-development of the Myer site which will hopefully bring much needed life back to the Hobart CBD. There is still a substantial building period but at least the uncertainty is over.

The new five-storey redevelopment will include a rooftop bar overlooking the city, a hotel, 40 speciality stores, access to the Cat and Fiddle Arcade and a ground-floor food court.

Construction will begin in autumn next year and the entire project is expected to be completed by December 2015.

The first stage will include a new store fronting Liverpool St that is expected to be completed for Christmas 2013.

The new store will be much larger than the shop destroyed by fire in 2007. It will occupy five levels, increasing floor space from 8000sqm to 12,450sqm.

Work on the second stage will include the refurbishment of the Murray St store, which will retain its current facade.

Everyone hopes that the re-building will bring consumers back into the CBD and lead to more sales for everyone.

Even though Myer will be a huge boost for the Hobart CBD, times are very tough and some retailers are saying that Hobart needs more than Myer to bring life back to the CBD. Myer however is a great start and hopefully things will pick up overall.

If you are moving to Tasmania or moving to Hobart in particular then this news about Myer will be very good for you. It should bring more life to the CBD, lead to sales increasing for everyone and help your move to Tasmania be better overall.



Photo Credit: Olaf via Compfight cc