The Tasmanian Government is set to introduce legislation to improve the condition and facilities offered in properties for lease.

The article below from The Mercury newspaper outlines the proposed changes. Definitely a step in the right direction.

This story from The Mercury.

Rental rules boost for tenants

Tasmanian tenants will be legally entitled to a toilet under new laws aimed at improving the minimum standards of rental properties.

Consumer Affairs Minister Nick McKim has introduced a range of new laws to Parliament to provide some of the strongest minimum standards for rental properties in the country.

It is now possible to rent a property that does not have a toilet or hot and cold running water. New minimum standards will make these essential, along with electricity.

In addition, rental properties will have to be weatherproof and structurally sound, clean and adequately ventilated, connected to a sewer, contain a separate bathroom and/or toilet and have an appropriate number of hotplates and an appropriate oven.

Properties will also be required to have adequate heating in the main living area, provided by either a fixed electric or gas heater, heat pump or wood heater.

Mr McKim said having a comfortable and settled place to live was a fundamental right for all people.

“Most of us have enough pressure in our lives and demands on our time,” he said.

“The last thing we need is extra stress and hassle around our living arrangements.

“That’s why it’s crucial to provide clear and just laws governing the relationships between landlords and tenants.”

Under the proposed regulations, property owners will also have to give tenants notice of 42 days – instead of the current 14 days – if they are not going to renew a lease.

Tenants will also have to give notice of 14 days before vacating a premises at the end of a fixed-term lease.

Mutual obligations will also be better clarified and formalised under the new laws.

Landlords will be responsible for replacing tap washers, and tenants will be responsible for replacing a property’s light globes.

Advice on your rights as a tenant in Tasmania can also be sought from the Tenants Union of Tasmania.

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