Cataract Gorge | Tourism Tasmania | Owen Hughes

Cataract Gorge | Tourism Tasmania | Owen Hughes

The Australian show, Relocation Relocation Australia aired last night on Pay TV and featured a married couple moving to Tasmania.

It was a good program and showed that there is much more to Tasmania than just Hobart and the Huon Valley. There really is so much to discover in Tasmania.

The couple were living in Sydney and wanted to move to Tasmania to achieve a rural lifestyle, a better quality of life and a more relaxed lifestyle. They also wanted to purchase an investment property in Launceston.

They were shown a house at Graveley Beach, a small farm at Lebrina and a heritage house at Avoca.

Personally I think the show was wrong in showing them the Avoca property. They had said they wanted a maximum of 40 minutes commute to Launceston city but Avoca takes slightly more than an hour to drive and is a very winding road and not a good road for night driving or commuting in Winter.

The couple chose the farm at Lebrina and managed to buy it for a very good price – $337000.00 – well below the asking price so it shows you can get a bargain and should start with a low offer.

In terms of an investment property they were shown a 3 bedroom house at Invermay for $219000.00 and also a house at Mayfield for $199000.00 The Invermay property had much more potential and would return a higher rent once some renovations were done.

In the end the couple just bought the Lebrina farm and put the investment property on hold because the husband put finding a job on hold and settled into performing work on the farm.

They followed up with the couple a few months down the track and they were really enjoying the Tasmanian lifestyle and pace of living.

What are your thoughts on the show? Did you enjoy seeing other parts of Tasmania? Has it motivated you to explore a move to Tasmania? Did you think the couple were shown quality properties?

For those of you with Pay TV the show will be screened again over the next week and can be found on the Lifestyle channel. Full details of the show can be found at their website:

Relocation Relocation Australia – LifeStyle Channel

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What suburbs are you investigating? Which area do you think is good for buying? Please comment and let us know your thoughts.