Kingston Beach

Kingston Beach

Well as relocation consultants it really is our duty to continue to relocate every now and then! Although, I really do want to stay put for a long while now after two many moves in the past…

We have had an interesting year. We “accidentally” bought a new house in February. By accidentally, I mean that we were in no way looking or intending to move this year or anytime soon.

When we moved back home to Tasmania three years ago we quickly narrowed down our search area in Hobart to either Sandy Bay or Kingston Beach. For a variety of reasons at the time Sandy Bay won and that is where we bought our new home. It was definitely right for then and we loved the location and the house.

However… the lure of Kingston Beach was still there. It is a beautiful location and still only 10 minutes from the city. Although in Hobart terms that can mean a lot! It feels a long way away in a good way, in that I feel a relaxed holiday vibe by the beach.

We noticed a house come onto the market in Kingston Beach that we had looked at when first looking over three years ago. At that time it stayed on the market for ages and never sold. It really was over priced then and needed some work. This time the price was less. We were still not sure if it was the right place for us but it sparked the Kingston Beach discussion once again. Some circumstances had changed making Sandy Bay less important for us, plus there were some aspects of the old house we wanted to change which would have involved a massive renovation.

So long story short… we put in an offer on the house we had first seen over three years earlier. We ended up with a contract on that house, conditional on us selling in Sandy Bay within 90 days. It was time to get organised!!

Since that time we have

  • sold our Sandy Bay house
  • settled on the old and new houses on the same day in late May
  • commenced renovations in Kingston Beach immediately
  • became homeless for part of the move
  • and finally moved back in a couple of weeks ago after three months of renovation

This move also gave me an opportunity to use the worksheets and checklists that come as a bonus with our Easy House Move e-guide. They proved to be an easy way to keep track of where we were at with different parts of the move – buying, selling, moving – and always know what needed to happen next without worrying about the tasks that didn’t need my attention yet.

Over the next couple of weeks I will write about our experiences in buying, selling and renovating in Hobart.

We love our new house. There are still a few finishing touches to be done, but we are so close.

We are loving the lifestyle that we can have here. Charlie the dog particularly loves being so close to the best dog beach ever! If you want to see how much he loves the water then check out this recent post with a video.