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We were recently asked the follow questions about how best to prepare for moving to Tasmania.


Hi there,

We will likely be moving to Tasmania from Canberra this year for my partner’s job. However, we don’t know when, or where, or how much lead time we’ll have! So I was very thankful to find this wonderful website and service – it’s very reassuring to know we’ll be able to get help when the time comes.

However, what can I do now to start getting organised? Are there any steps I can take to prepare, so that we’re not overwhelmed when we have to move.

I guess I’m looking for a checklist or guide that tells me to do this, do that, or to hear other people’s suggestions. We’ve never relocated before, let alone interstate, so I really don’t know what might be worth considering at this point.

I’ve begun decluttering our house, using things up and not purchasing any new items. I’m making a list of all the services/businesses that we’ll have to change our address with, and we’ve started saving a little (or not spending so much!) to help with the move.

I’d appreciate any tips from people who have moved or are in the middle of it themselves.

Thanks, Ann


How to Prepare for your move to Tasmania

My response to Ann

Hi Ann,

Thanks for your questions. I am glad that the information on the website is useful to you as you start thinking about and planning your move to Tasmania.

We have moved interstate a few times, so personally I have a bit of a project plan that I drag out and put in place. Last time we moved we were in a similar boat to you, in that we didn’t know when the actual move would happen as we wanted to sell our house first. This does make it all more difficult.

So I will share with you what I have done in the past. I use an Excel spreadsheet to compile my plan, but of course you can manage it in other ways. My first column is what needs to be done (so each task), in categories, and the columns to the right are then each week or month to come, depending on the timeline that makes sense. I then mark with an asterisk in the date column when I think each task should be completed. This helps me prioritise so that I don’t feel like there is so much to do at any one time.

There are a lot of tasks that you can’t do until you know when you are moving, but if you have a plan of what needs to be done first at that time it will help. I would hope you would have 4-6 weeks lead time in advance of the move at least.

My task categories – which is what you really need to know – have been along the lines of the following, but will of course change depending on your own circumstances.

Current House

Set date of move (when you can)
If renting – give notice on house
If selling – prepare for sale. When sold, note settlement date which may impact your move date.

Organising our stuff

When I move I don’t like to move things that we don’t need. So it is always a good chance for a clean out, particularly if you are thinking of moving into a smaller place or if you don’t know where you will end up living.

  • Furniture inventory / decisions – needs to be done anyhow to get quote for removalists. Makes you decide what you might want to sell or give away.
  • Garage and other storage sort through
  • De-clutter cupboards
  • List of things to sell on eBay or give away – start early with selling
  • Arrange collection for charity items
  • Do a tip run or three

Preparing to move

  • Set date to resign from work, if relevant
  • Quotes for furniture removal – get early, get several and negotiate. You don’t need to have a date to get the quotes.
  • Book removalist to lock in price and then advice date when known
  • Arrange temporary accommodation in current and/or new location
  • Arrange pet relocation and boarding in current and/or new location
  • Book plane or boat to Tassie
  • Arrange to clean old house
  • Redirect mail (we do 12 months – gives you lots of time to change addresses everywhere)
  • Packing… or pay the removalists to do (well worth it!)
  • Pack what you will need until you move into new house. Remember important paperwork, perhaps computer and backups. If you come on the boat with car(s) then you can bring heaps.
  • Arrange transit insurance for goods
  • removalist day
  • Cut off all utilities
  • Change house and contents insurance

Other things to do

  • Make a list of things you want to do, people to see and places to go before you leave your current location.
  • Arrange a farewell party or other ways to say goodbye to friends

Arriving in Tassie

  • Arrival date – boat or fly
  • Stay at temporary accommodation
  • Search for new house if not already in place
  • Connect utilities for new house
  • House and contents insurance
  • Move into new house
  • Pets arrive
  • Commence work

If you have children…

There will be more tasks to add involving schools, extra activities, saying goodbye to friends etc.



We found that Chris Bells Moving and Storage was the cheapest removalist that we got quotes from. He is based in Hobart but has offices on the mainland as well. You do need to negotiate after you get the quote though as often there is some flexibility.

Kent Moving and Storage were also very competitive when we moved from Melbourne to Perth and back from Perth to Melbourne. This time when we needed some storage and a different delivery date they weren’t as good value.

I would personally avoid a quote that says they will charge $X per box they pack or anything like that. Our contents took up more boxes than expected – when they put all that packing paper in it really pads the boxes out. Paying for packing though was a really good thing and made the move so much more enjoyable.
I hope this helps. I have been intending to create a more formal checklist to add to the information on our website, so your questions have reminded me of that. I will get onto it! I hope this helps for now.

Please don’t hesitate to ask more questions on this or any other aspect of your move.


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