Pets and rental properties in Tasmania

pets and rental properties in Tasmania

Our dog Charlie at Point Puer, Port Arthur

Are you wanting to rent a house in Tasmania and have pets? Perhaps you are a landlord and are considering letting a tenant have pets in your property.

The short answer is that in Tasmania you can’t charge a pet bond. You are only entitled to charge a bond equal to 4 weeks rental regardless of whether the tenant has a pet or not.

I believe this is wrong and the law needs amending – a landlord who is good enough to let you have a pet should be able to protect themselves by charging an additional bond.

Even though a landlord cannot require a pet bond it is still possible to rent a property with pets in Tasmania. It is more difficult admittedly but is still possible. Personally, I think children can do just as much damage, if not more, than pets, and many landlords will accept children.

If you have rented a previous property with your pets then getting a reference from that landlord or property manager as to the care you took will greatly assist you.

So if you have pets and are searching for a rental property then contact us and we can discuss your search needs and assist you with finding a rental property in Tasmania.

If you are a landlord then have a read of the above article and do consider allowing your tenant to have pets.

What has your experience been with pets and rental properties? If you are a tenant let us know if you have had problems finding a rental property. If you are a landlord then let us know how your property has been treated by the pets and whether you would change your mind if you were allowed to charge a pet bond.

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  1. Rachel Maher February 22, 2012 at 11:08 pm - Reply

    Here in W.A we are experiencing a shortage in rental properties so some people are actually offering more than the advertised rent to secure the property. Could this be an option for someone in Tasmania that may want to rent with a pet? Fortunately there are specialised housing bond lenders who can assist people who need to borrow more than just their housing bond for other expenses if need be. One lender that services all of Australia and can do this is Housing Bond Loan (

  2. Clarissa Leary April 24, 2013 at 9:21 am - Reply

    I believe there should be a pet bond for pets for a rental property as a lot of tenants do not look after the yard when they bring in dogs or they allow their pets to be inside and they do not look after carpets. This is a common problem for landlords, I have been renting for over 10 years and allow pets, but it can be a problem when they do not look after their animals or your house properly.

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