We are pleased to report that Tasmania has finally banned smoking in outdoor dining areas! Finally non smokers can enjoy outdoor dining just as much as the smokers.

These changes come into effect from March 2012 and are designed to discourage smoking and improve the quality of life for non smokers as well.

Also new – bus malls and shelters, pedestrian malls, outdoor sportsgrounds, childrens playgrounds, patrolled beaches and public swimming pools will be smoke free.

The full details can be found at the Government website. Our previous post on smoking bans in Salamanca was incredibly popular so we expect you will be very interested in this good news.

What do you think of this ban on smoking? Will it mean you will enjoy outdoor dining more? Are you a smoker – what do you think? Post your comments below and let us know what you think.

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Photo Credit: Wonderlane via Compfight cc