Hobart Waterfront | Tourism Tasmania | Geoff Murray

Hobart Waterfront | Tourism Tasmania | Geoff Murray

I know on the mainland that this news may not be considered a big deal but in Tasmania, and Hobart in particular, Myer is the focus of the CBD and attracts shoppers to the CBD and is indeed a big deal.

Sadly the Myer building ws gutted by fire some 7 years ago and for many different reasons the re-development of the building has stalled many times.

However, the Government has now granted a loan on commercial terms to the developer and worksare finally underway.

Here is the story from The Mercury Newspaper:

New details of $100 million Myer site redevelopment

New details have emerged about Hobart’s $100 million Icon Complex – as builders face a battle to meet Myer’s Christmas 2015 deadline.

In a Hobart Chamber of Commerce document, obtained by the Mercury, details to emerge include:

  • escalator access to floor levels.
  • sawtooth roof design.
  • hotel foyer in old Fletcher Jones store.
  • a huge crane on site for 13 months

The document gives insight into the Myer redevelopment project that has been hit by years of delays and speculation that has frustrated city retailers
and community leaders.

In it, architect Richard Crawford explains the three major stages of the development and Hutchinson Builders team leader Mick Connolly gives details of
the works program and expected deadlines.

The document, authored by chamber executive officer Steve Adermann, is the minutes of a meeting held between the chamber and Hobart businesses on June 25.

According to the minutes, Mr Connolly said Myer was keen to begin trading before Christmas next year.

“It’s in everybody’s interest to achieve the completion date of the end of November, otherwise there is a risk that Myer will not accept the building until
after Easter 2016,” the minutes said.

Mr Crawford, of Architects Designhaus, was reported as saying that of the three ­stages, the first would be open by the end of next year, if not sooner.

“The current works on the hole in the ground will be followed by Myer decamping from Murray St into the Liverpool St site,” the minutes say.

“The second stage will be the demolition of the Myer building, followed by the construction of the hotel.

“Myer will occupy the first two floors of the new building in Liverpool St, with speciality stores above that, connected by escalators from the basement
floor. The old Fletcher Jones store … will become the hotel foyer.

“The Myer building has a number of eyebrows in its ­design in attempt to keep the height of the building down to approximately 20m and the hotel tower
has a horizontal ‘sawtooth’ designbreak down the scale of the overall building.”

“The class of the building is very high end and it’s important not to cut any corners.”

The minutes said the first major piece of equipment, a 75-tonne piling rig, would arrive on site about now.

“The next step will be the erection of the tower crane, which is a $3.5 million piece of equipment which will be part of the Hobart skyline for about 13
months,” it said.

Mr Adermann said the meeting’s intent was to open communications between ­devel­opers and CBD busi­nesses, and address concerns.

I just hope the escalators will be disability friendly and there will also be lifts to allow full disability access.