Well Tasmania is currently having a cold snap along with the rest of the country.

Hobart in particular is having a really cold spell and there is even plenty of snow about.

However don’t be put off moving to Tasmania by this cold snap. If you move to Tasmania then the weather is not always like this. Rest assured from a locally born Tasmanian that Hobart, and Tasmania in general, has some very nice Summer conditions and you can really enjoy moving to Tasmania.

There are some false rumours that Hobart is really cold in winter but I don’t find this the case – at least not any worse than Melbourne. Sure you need appropriate clothing but there are also some very nice sunny days during winter and you can really have a good time moving to Tasmania.

If you would like to explore the possibility of a move to Tasmania then please take a look around the site and get in contact with us for any assistance or advice that you need.

Moving to Tasmania can really mean a great lifestyle so don’t be put off – come and visit Tasmania and carefully consider moving to Hobart or other parts of Tasmania.

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Photo Credit: 55Laney69 via Compfight cc