Wineglass Bay from Mt Amos | Tourism Tasmania | Chris McLennan

Wineglass Bay from Mt Amos | Tourism Tasmania | Chris McLennan

Are you considering a move to Tasmania?

Are you struggling to justify your move to Tasmania decision? Well perhaps the best way is to hear it from reputable locals.

I personally can assure you that moving to Tasmania is worthwhile. The commute to work is short, the pace of life is slower, the lifestyle is more relaxed, the locals are friendly – what more could you want?!

However to assure you that I’m not biased I have come across some recordings done by ABC Tasmania. They have interviewed prominent local Tasmanians and they share their Tasmanian experiences.

‘Living on an Island’ – a special forum recorded at the Peacock Theatre in Hobart, in front of a fiercely proud local audience, is the title of the ABC production.

“Four guests talk about why they love to live in Tasmania.

Former fisherman and now owner of Bruny Island Cruises Rob Pennicott was born and bred in Tassie and has lived there all his life.

Writer Peter Timms, author of In Search of Hobart , bought a house in Hobart only hours after going there “for a bit of a look”.

After working for years for major newspapers here and overseas, journalist Sue Neales moved from Melbourne to Hobart, with her son, to take up the job of Chief Reporter for The Mercury.

And 936 ABC Hobart’s Breakfast presenter Ryk Goddard moved to Tasmania to make theatre, fell in love with Hobart’s dramatically beautiful setting and decided to stay.”

The audios go for about 40 minutes and give you a real insight into Tasmanian culture and lifestyle. If you are considering moving to Tasmania but want to know more about the local situation then I urge you to spend some research time and listen to these interviews. They can be found here.

After listening to these audios if you have any queries about moving to Tasmania or moving to Hobart then get in touch with us. We would be glad to help.

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Dale and Jo.