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A Practical Guide for Moving to Tasmania (and all your FAQs)

Are you considering moving to the beautiful, thriving and industrious state of Tasmania? We look at some of the great reasons to move here and answer your Frequently Asked Questions.

A weekend trip to Tasmania?

This post was written in response to a question we came across on Twitter. We have put together some thoughts on what to do on your weekend trip to Tasmania.

Top 10: Things to consider when planning a move to Tasmania

In this post we bring together to top 10 things you need to consider when planning a move to Tasmania. From considering where you will live, to whether you will buy or rent your new home. There are many decisions to be made.

The Tasmanian Lifestyle: why choose Tasmania?

When you are dreaming of your move to Australia or within Australia, consider if Tasmania can deliver on those dreams. This small state offers something for everyone – beautiful surroundings, top quality food and wine, a temperate climate and a wonderful, relaxed lifestyle. And to top it off, ‘Tassie’ can be one of the most affordable places to live in Australia.

An Online Social Community For The Disability Sector and NDIS

Jo & Dale have launched an online social community for the disability sector worldwide based on tolerance, respect and safety. It also covers the NDIS in Australia.

Parents shouldn’t rely on My School data when choosing a school

The most reliable way to find the best school for your child is to visit and find out about its philosophy and programs or engage a relocation consultant to do this for you.

Your best home loan options as a new Tasmanian

Tasmania is not only a beautiful place to live; rich in history, abundant in greenery and diverse in culture – it’s also one of the most affordable places to live in Australia.

[VIDEO] Aurora Australis – as seen in Tasmania

[VIDEO] This video gives you a compilation of images of the Aurora Australis, or the Southern Lights, which can be seen from many locations in Tasmania.

[VIDEO] Gordon River Cruises – West Coast Tasmania

[VIDEO] This video gives you a glimpse into what you will see on a Gordon River Cruises. One of Australia’s most spectacular wilderness tours.

Where to live in Tasmania: How about Richmond?

We continue our ‘Where to Live in Tasmania’ series. Focus on Richmond, an historic town about 26km from Hobart.

[VIDEO] Go Behind the Scenery – The Spirit Guide

[VIDEO] This video forms part of Tourism Tasmania’s “Go Behind the Scenery” campaign. A few stories from the Launceston City Ghost Tour.

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