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What is happening with Tasmania’s borders?

Being an island state, Tasmania has been able to do a pretty good job of controlling the borders and ensuring that Covid-19 has mostly been absent from Tassie (aside from early on). A few days ago, the Tasmanian Government announced the transition plan to move from Covid zero to living in a Covid-19 vaccinated community.

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Is Your Move to Tasmania on Hold?

If you were planning to move to Tasmania this year, then I can imagine you are feeling even more in limbo as your relocation and new lifestyle is uncertain – at least in terms of timing. Learn more about how Tassie is going.

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Choosing Where to Live in Tasmania – Part 2

Our earlier post on Choosing Where to Living in Tasmania focused on the first steps to narrow down the options by choosing a region in Tasmania. Now that you have all that in place it is time to talk about how to narrow down where to live within a particular city or region.

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Searching for Property Online: Pros and Cons

When you are in the market for a new home or you are just vaguely thinking of moving down the street or across to the other side of the country, the first thing many of us do is to get online to see what we can get for our money. Searching for a new home, whether to rent or buy, has changed so much now that we have the internet to help. It does help a lot as long as you keep in mind the limitations.

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Bruny Island

Bruny Island is a beautiful small island in southern Tasmania, accessed by ferry from Kettering, south of Hobart. It is easily accessible from Hobart for a day trip, but even better for a weekend or longer break.

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Job Searching Tips When Moving to Tasmania

Finding work can be frustrating when you’re relocating to a new place; you sacrifice stability, connections, and familiarity of the area you’ve been residing in when looking to move, but the unemployment rate is improving and the job market isn’t near as bad as it once was.

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