This is a guest post from Tasmania’s Price’s Removals & Storage. They provide some great tips for moving your belongings to Tasmania.


View Of Hobart And Tasman Bridge From Kunanyi/Mt Wellington | Photo Luke Tscharke

View Of Hobart And Tasman Bridge From Kunanyi/Mt Wellington | Photo Luke Tscharke


If you’ve finally made the decision (like many before you) to move to Tasmania, you’re going to need a way to get your things here. Sounds daunting and expensive, but we can break it down for you.

Using a local moving company like Price’s Removals & Storage who are a wholly owned Tasmanian company and know the state like the back of their hand is a huge advantage. We offer a complete range of services that will make your relocation as smooth as it possibly can be.

We have over 70 years’ experience in the industry, moving families and businesses locally, and we are a trusted and instantly recognisable name – something we are hugely proud of.


Moving Services

Price’s offer a weekly door to door backload service to Tasmania from a number of interstate locations including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. A highly cost-effective moving option, backloading involves utilising space in a truck that is returning to its original location.

Backloading enables us to keep customer costs down (when compared to our mainland counterparts) by only charging for the space you use, rather than an entire truck.

Packing up your whole life to move interstate is no easy undertaking, which is why we offer a complete packing service. Alternatively, we just pack your delicate breakables and we can supply you with cartons to complete the rest. Keep in mind that if we pack for you, the contents can be insured as the insurer terms that they are professionally packed.

Whether it’s a last-minute move or something you’ve been putting off, make sure you book with as much notice as possible, a minimum of 7 working days is best. Make sure either yourself, a family member or friend who owes you a favour is free on the day as we do require someone to be present throughout the move.

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We get it – you just couldn’t wait one more minute to start your sea change in Tassie. You found a temporary home that’s not quite big enough for all your belongings, or maybe you’re going travelling elsewhere before the move and just need your belongings here.

At Price’s we operate our own containerised storage depot for the complete protection of your furniture and other property, for either short or long term, depending on your needs.

The people who pick up your things are the same people who will store your things, making for a more streamlined experience.

We have storage facilities in both Hobart and Launceston so no matter where you move to in our beautiful state there is a convenient storage facility nearby.

Our team take every precaution to protect your furniture and other items: pest control to keep pesky rodents or insects at bay, specialised coverings to protect from scratches and moisture damage and a detailed inventory.

You and your family can rest assured that your belongings are in safe hands – our storage warehouses are security alarmed and patrolled and everything will come out the way it went in.


Devonport Bluff | Photo courtesy of S.Group

Devonport Bluff | Photo courtesy of S.Group



Moving anywhere, (especially somewhere across the water!) requires special expertise to ensure your goods arrive safely. Even with our very impressive record of care and attention, unforeseen accidents can happen during transit.

Researching what kind of insurance cover you require can be overwhelming. How am I meant to know which option is right for me? Do I just risk it and not get any cover?

Price’s Removals & Storage recommend that you have insurance cover on your possessions during the move, and also for the time any of your goods are kept in storage. You can relax knowing that if something happens, your items are insured. To make it even easier for you, we can arrange insurance on your behalf. One less thing you need to organise – it’s all about the peace of mind.

Our insurance options are varied to suit all different circumstances, ranging from standard, replace-as-new cover to protection for items that you have packed yourself. In the event of a claim, we can settle claims promptly through our in-house claims team. You only need to deal with Price’s Removals & Storage rather than being left to deal with an insurance company.

Whether you’re ready to jump across the pond now or you’re still planning your island escape, let Price’s handle all the heavy lifting and get a fast, free quote today.

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