Recently we have had some enquiries about the possibility of living in Bushy Park and commuting to the city for work. Bushy Park is a rural area past New Norfolk in Tasmania.

This choice is motivated primarily by the fact that you can buy a house for $200000 or less at Bushy Park so it gives you a small mortgage, a good country lifestyle and about an hour commute to Hobart City.

We recently did this drive to assess the possibility and discovered that there could be some issues to consider.

The road to New Norfolk from Hobart city is very good and a drive that can be done easily without too much concentration and would still be okay in bad weather.

However the road between New Norfolk and Bushy Park is narrow, winding and not in perfect condition. You have to drive more slowly and concentrate much more. To summarise it, the road is not a highway drive but rather a country drive.

Don’t get me wrong – you can do the drive in an hour but the last part of the drive isn’t relaxing.

Bushy Park though is a lovely rural area and New Norfolk is nearby with many services and facilities.

So you may like to consider Bushy Park to live as long as you realise the reality of the road conditions. New Norfolk is a much better choice but of course the house prices are higher than Bushy Park because it is closer to the city.

If you would like to discuss your own specific needs for a rural lifestyle in Tasmania then please get in touch with us and we can help you plan your move to Tasmania. There are many houses to choose from so we would love to help you find your perfect house.


Photo Credit: Nicholas_T via Compfight cc