Tulips Table Cape Tasmania
Tulips Table Cape Tasmania


UPDATE (August 2020)

Tasmania has done well and since May has only had two single cases of the virus. As such, some restrictions have eased for those living in Tasmania. Due to these changes, we are now providing our Home Inspection Service once again.

The Tasmanian borders are still closed. There were plans for opening to WA, SA and NT in August, but that decision was reversed. The Premier will next comment on the borders at the end of August.

For all information about Coronavirus and Tasmania, please visit the official Tasmanian Government website: https://coronavirus.tas.gov.au



It certainly is an unusual world we are living in right now. With the escalation of the COVID-19 virus affecting all of our lives, even in Tasmania at the bottom of the world. Our government is taking steps to close our borders and ensure we use our natural advantage of being a small island. Along with that, we are following the national measures for self-isolation and social distancing.

If you were planning to move to Tasmania this year, then I can imagine you are feeling even more in limbo as your relocation and new lifestyle is uncertain – at least in terms of the timing.

From a practical perspective, if you do need to consider moving here over the next few months, you will need to take into account that:

  • all non-essential visitors to Tasmania are required to self-isolate for 14 days. At this stage, that is managed by the Government and you will find yourself in a hotel.
  • accommodation providers are closed. It will be pretty much impossible to find a short term accommodation solution while you look for your new home.
  • rental properties are still advertised, but are not conducting open homes. Agents are starting to come up with options for online viewing. You may need to commit to a house that has not been inspected by you or someone you know.
  • schools are likely to be operating online in the new term after Easter.
  • retail shops are still allowed to open, but many are closed. The closures are likely to continue. Supermarkets and pharmacies are really the only places that are likely to remain open soon. Many restaurants are offering takeaway and delivery.

Really, the short story is to not attempt to relocate right now. Instead, if you plan to move when this is over, you can think about spending some time in the next few months planning your move. You can really think about where in Tasmania will suit you for your new home. Spend some time finding the sporting and other clubs you would like to join, research schools, and more. Now might also be a great time to spring clean and get rid of stuff you don’t need, which will reduce your moving costs a little.


Our Services

So what does all this mean for the services we provide at move to Tasmania?

We will not be offering the home inspection Service in the coming months. Even if house inspections are available by appointment, we cannot offer this service. Our personal self-isolation is strict to protect older family members.

Of course, our online Move to Tasmania Membership remains available. We are reducing the price down to $99 (from $147), to help you have the resources you need to plan your move – whenever that may be. Your membership never expires.

All members have access to the Members’ Forum, where you can ask questions about anything to do with Tasmania and your move. See all membership inclusions here.


Take Care Everyone

We wish you all the best during 2020 as the world faces this challenge. We hope that you emerge happy and healthy on the other side. If you are planning to move to Tasmania down the track, we look forward to a time when we can welcome you to our beautiful piece of the world.


1 thought on “Is Your Move to Tasmania on Hold?”

  1. Angela Moreton

    I can’t find a similar example in forum that is relatable to my situation. I plan to leave NSW in December. I am a single female on Disability. I will need other’s to inspect rental property. I don’t drive. I need to be close to shops, possible medical center/ hospital. I desire a 2 bedroom house/unit . Rent under $270. I intend to fly down when a place is approved to me. Yes. I will need large support from others especially when choosing location. I don’t have to worry about work or school location.

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