Photo Credit: slimmer_jimmer via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: slimmer_jimmer via Compfight cc

Last year we let you know about IKEA’s trial, which later became permanent, to offer delivery of their products into Tasmania.

IKEA FAQ for Tasmanian orders
IKEA ordering process for Tasmania


Why we used IKEA

We have recently completed a renovation of our new house, which included a new kitchen and two bathrooms. In the early planning stages of the renovation we extended a business trip to Melbourne by a few days to allow us to look at a lot of showrooms for these rooms, and of course this included IKEA.

At the Springvale store (which is from where all Tasmanian orders are dispatched), the kitchen displays are extensive, as you would expect. You are able to see a lot of the options available in terms of functionality and style. At this early stage we figured that getting an IKEA kitchen probably wouldn’t work as we wouldn’t be able to race in and grab anything we forgot and it would be impractical. The displays gave us heaps of ideas though and started to get us thinking about the style and layout we wanted.

As our plans progressed and we started looking more closely at budget, we started to consider IKEA as a possibility. We got a quote from a local company for a flat pack kitchen and compared this to the IKEA prices, using their great planning tool.  The IKEA kitchen cabinets came to about $3500, compared to $7000 for the other option. Both these prices excluded installation and benchtops.

Aside from cost, the main reason that IKEA was more attractive was that the finishes were so much nicer than the other option. I didn’t want a cheap kitchen to look cheap!


Designing our Kitchen

The difference between buying a kitchen from a wizz-bang kitchen company or using one of the more DIY options, is that you need to come up with the design yourself. Of course whichever way you go you need to establish your priorities for the design, but you don’t then have someone who has done it a lot to interpret that and offer ideas and some layout options.

Luckily I love the design process! We had a space with a couple of challenges like the back door and a low window we didn’t want to move. Plus I was determined to get some seating in along with heaps of storage and bench space. All this in an area of about 4m x 3.6m.

The IKEA Planning Tool was great, in the main. Although it can be a bit buggy. However you have to use it and have a design pretty ready to go if you want to meet with one of the kitchen consultants in store.

Once we had a final design, we made a special one night trip to Melbourne to go to the store, meet with a kitchen consultant and finalise the order. You cannot make an appointment with the consultant, so do not go on a weekend when it is crazy in IKEA.

This step isn’t required before you order any kitchen items, however it is pretty important to ensure that you have everything you need in the order. The main example is getting their help to order the right additional cover panels you will need to finish off the cupboards and perhaps fill a couple of small gaps. Plus they will offer suggestions on the design and be able to show you what they mean in the display kitchens.

For us, the $700 spent to travel to Melbourne for a day, stay a night and hire a car, was well worth it.


The Ordering Process

Following the time spent with the kitchen consultant, once home again I was confident to make a couple of small changes to our plans and order everything we wanted. The planner gives you a shopping list, however you will need to then add in some extras.

You then add everything to your shopping list on the IKEA website and follow the process for ordering from Tasmania.

If you have a business and an ABN, you can join IKEA Business and they will sort out the order for you and then forward onto the Tassie team.

We found the process to be very smooth and the staff communicate really well with you by phone and email.

The only annoyance is that the items must be in stock at the Springvale store. So we had a few things we couldn’t get even though they were at other stores. This was particularly annoying for the sink and tap as we wanted the ones that are now hard to get anywhere and have instead bought elsewhere with our eventual sink being double the price.

You can check stock on any item on the website, however by the time the order is processed there may be a surprise or two.



UPDATE: IKEA have now changed their delivery prices. Delivery now starts at $59 for purchases $299 and under, $89 for purchases $300-$599, and $149 for purchases over $600.

Delivery is to a depot in either Hobart or Launceston. The delivery cost is $159 regardless of how little or much you buy.

Our order was delivered within a week and it tends to be maximum two weeks. This was a massive order as we also ordered lots of shelving for the pantry, got carried away with internal fit out for the kitchen and threw in a bathroom vanity and some odds and ends for good measure. Our total order weighed over 1000kgs!!

The Hobart depot is at Tas Freight in Bridgewater, north of the city. As the order was so massive we arranged for James from Assemble Anything to collect it for us and deliver to the house. This was approximately a couple of weeks after it had arrived in Hobart. Tas Freight were fine with it being out there until we needed it.



Assemble Anything delivered and unloaded the order and we also got them to put together the bathroom vanity and all the kitchen units when we were ready for them. They offer a great service and not just for IKEA, although they are starting to see more and more IKEA orders.

Our builder then installed the kitchen – and here it is!

Our new kitchen - mostly IKEA

Our new kitchen – mostly IKEA