Photo Credit: me and the sysop via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: me and the sysop via Compfight cc

A question I get asked a lot is about the best way to get a household of goods from mainland Australia to Tasmania when moving to Tasmania.

Our business, Settled In, is not a moving company. We focus on finding you a home, schools and providing orientation information so you are quickly settled into Tassie. Of course to feel settled you do need your stuff around you.

From our own experience of moving home to Tasmania a couple of years ago and the experiences of some of our clients since, I can offer some advice.


Using a Moving Company

We used a Tasmanian based moving company – Bells Removals. We were very happy with their service and professionalism. I have also heard very good reports of Watkins Removals, another Tasmanian company.

I recommend getting at least two quotes and preferably more. Include quotes from Tasmanian companies as well as others you have experience with or have heard good things about. All the national carriers will do interstate moves. Remember to ask who will be delivering your goods as they may pass this task on to a local Tasmanian company. In which case I would check on the reputation of that company. Unloading is a key time when things can go wrong and goods can be easily damaged. In saying this though, there are likely to be some horror stories about most companies if you start Googling.

Now for some quotes. It will be expensive. Be prepared for a significant shock when you start to research the costs of moving your belongings across Bass Strait. It is an incredibly expensive stretch of water. We found the move from Melbourne to Hobart to be more expensive than previous moves from Melbourne to Perth and back.

Be prepared to negotiate. We have found that there is often room to move from the original quote. It doesn’t hurt to ask. We have always found quotes to vary quite significantly between companies which is a good reason to talk to a few removalists and to start negotiating on price and inclusions.

As an indicator, we paid just over $5,000 for relocation and an additional $1,100 to have the house packed for us. Our belongings took a little more than one container and from memory came to about 55 cubic metres. The cost to have the house packed, to us, was well worth it. The cost includes all packing materials which we would otherwise have bought plus two men packing up the house the day before the truck arrived. It is a luxury, but one which makes the whole relocation process so much easier. There was no need to be packing for days or weeks on end.



Home contents insurance does not apply when your belongings are in transit, so you will need to arrange transit insurance. The moving company will offer this as part of the quote you receive and there will be options for how to insure your goods and the level of excess you require.

You do not have to use the insurance policy offered by the moving company. You can insure your belongings through any other insurance company that offers transit insurance. It is worth comparing quotes and the terms of each policy.


Do it Yourself

I have had a couple of clients who have moved to Tasmania with just a car or van full of stuff – and in once case, just a couple of suitcases. Sometimes moving can be a wonderful opportunity to declutter to the extreme and only bring the essentials and things you love.

If you bring a vehicle full of your belongings, then the way to get here is overnight on The Spirit of Tasmania ferry. If you need to hire a large van or small truck for this purpose, be aware that not all hire companies will allow transport on the ferry to Tasmania. You will likely need to shop around to find a hire vehicle.


Have you moved to Tasmania recently and have an experience to share? How do you like to manage a house move?

If you need some help planning and executing your move to Tasmania then please get in touch for a no obligation chat and quote on our services.