Some more good news for existing Hobart residents or anyone thinking about moving to Hobart Tasmania to live. The crime rates have dropped and Hobart is now an even safer place to live:

This story from The Mercury.

City crime rates drop

A TARGETED approach to inner city crime in Hobart has led to a major drop in offences during the past year.

Figures from Tasmania Police, shown at last night’s Hobart City Council’s Safer Hobart Business Forum, revealed offences were down 23 per cent from 2010, with a total of 1468 registered compared with 1873 in the same period the previous year.

Business burglaries were down to 23 this year, compared with 36 in 2010, with public assaults also down from 101 last year to 84.

Inspector Glen Woolley said the decline in burglaries was because of a more vigilant attitude of small-business owners and co-operative efforts of police and community safety groups.

“Obviously, some security measures are not cheap, but more and more businesses are realising the importance of simple safety precautions they can take,” Insp Woolley said.

However, not all statistics were down, with police noting a rise in liquour infringement notices issued, particularly on the Hobart waterfront.

“We’ve issued 680 infringement notices to people drinking in public places, which is much higher than last year, but is also owed to greater vigilance by police,” Insp Woolley said.

Alderman Ron Christie said it was a dramatic improvement but work was still needed.

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Photo credit: Mt Wellington | Tourism Tasmania | Nick Osborne