Mt Wellington | Tourism Tasmania | Nick Osborne

Mt Wellington | Tourism Tasmania | Nick Osborne

Hobart has come in second in the list of the 20 friendliest cities in the world from Conde Nast Traveller magazine. A very impressive result!

They say…

Located in “a truly unique part of the world,” travelers to Hobart, Tasmania, are quickly charmed by the “kind, friendly” city natives. “The most beautiful country and people,” commended a pleased reader, “they know how to treat visitors.” Newcomers to the “delightful” island also appreciated the area’s pristine natural beauty, including an abundance of distinctive “mountains, beaches, and animals.” “One of the best places I’ve visited,” one commenter enthused.

See the full list (and reasons) for the 20 Friendliest and Unfriendliest Cities in the World. 


This story from The Mercury.

Our happy people impress

Come to Hobart — one of the friendliest places in the world.

The city has been rated the second friendliest city by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. In a reader poll, Hobart came runner-up to Florianopolis, Brazil, with Thimpu, Bhutan, third.

According to the Conde Nast: “Travellers to Hobart, Tasmania, are quickly charmed by the ‘kind, friendly’ city natives.”

“The most beautiful country and people, they know how to treat visitors,” a reader said.

Hobart rated 95.4 out of 100 for its friendliness, only .4 behind the winner. The other Australian city or town to make the list was Margaret River, in Western Australia, which ranked sixth.

In a poll of the most unfriendly cities, Newark, New Jersey; Islamabad, Pakistan; and Oakland, California rated highest.

Comedian Daryl Peebles said Hobartians were a friendly bunch.

“I think it could have something to do with leading a less stressful lifestyle,” Peebles said.

“If I see someone looking at a map, I will always go and offer my assistance, and I’m not alone in that.”

Hobart was also recently named one of the world’s best cities to visit in 2013 by Lonely Planet.


If you have moved to or visited Hobart, have you found it to be a friendly place?