Mt Wellington | Tourism Tasmania | Nick Osborne

Mt Wellington | Tourism Tasmania | Nick Osborne

A recent story in The Mercury reported on the Suncorp Bank Family Friendly City research, placing Hobart as number six in Australia. Not a bad result at all.

You can download the full report here.

Hobart takes out sixth spot in report on nation’s top 10 family-friendly cities

Hobart has been rated among the best places to live in Australia, taking out the sixth spot in the nation’s top 10 family-friendly cities.

The latest Suncorp Bank Family Friendly City report found Hobart among the nation’s best for community involvement and home to some of the healthiest people.

Wagga Wagga in NSW took out the highest honours and is the nation’s most family-friendly city, recording top marks for its strong community involvement, community safety and road safety.

However, local identity John Xintavelonis said it was “outrageous” Hobart did not grab the top spot.

He said aside from some super-friendly outback communities, Hobart was by far the friendliest city. “I’m shocked,” he said. “The people of Hobart are never pretentious or stuck up, we are easy going and friendly and we go out of our way to help people.”

Last year Mr Xintavelonis was shopping at Eastlands on Hobart’s Eastern Shore when strangers asked him for directions. The best path to their destination was a little tricky to explain so he jumped in his car and showed them the way. “As I was driving past the spot I pointed and gave them a thumbs up and then went on my way,” he said. “Maybe it is just me but I think most Hobartians would be happy to lend a hand wherever they can.”

The report analysed the nation’s 30 most populated cities and ranked them across nine indicators including education, health, community involvement, income, unemployment and mortgage stress.

Suncorp Bank’s general manager Russell Harrison said the report proved that having a happy medium between work and life proved more achievable in many of the nation’s smaller regional cities.

“When the city can offer both the work-life balance and give you an equivalent of a high-paying job it’s a good place to bring up a family,” he said. “If you are feeling safe at night, you are on an equivalent income

[to the city] and you’ve only got five minutes to go to work it makes for a less stressful life from a family perspective. “Six of the top 10 are regional cities and four of our nation’s capitals are featured.”

Sydney was among the other capitals to make the top 10, taking out fifth place, followed by Hobart (6th) and Melbourne (9th).

Social analyst David Chalke said it was no surprise some capital cities got snubbed, as regional cities were more desirable places to live.

Suncorp Bank’s Family Friendly City Index top 10:

  1. Wagga Wagga (NSW)
  2. Canberra (ACT)
  3. Albury-Wodonga (NSW/Vic)
  4. Toowoomba (Qld)
  5. Sydney (NSW)
  6. Hobart (Tas)
  7. Ballarat (Vic)
  8. Bendigo (Vic)
  9. Melbourne (Vic)
  10. Mackay (Qld)

The clients I have worked with have often commented about how friendly they find Hobart (and other parts of Tasmania) when they move here. In fact Launceston was the top city in the 2012 Suncorp report.

How friendly do you find Hobart and other parts of Tasmania?