Tourism Tasmania yesterday launched a new tourism campaign called Go Behind the Scenery.

You can see the TV ad below.


In addition to the advertising, there is a Go Behind the Scenery website that showcases every region of the state. Visit the regions section to view great videos of each area. Itineraries are also provided for every region.

This story from The Mercury.

Quirky new tourism campaign

ZARA DAWTREY   |   March 20, 2013 04.12pm

It’s not just about being good — it’s about being good and different.

That’s the key message in Tourism Tasmania’s new multi-million-dollar branding campaign — Tasmania: Go Behind the Scenery — to entice visitors to the island state.

Quirky, strange, novel, pristine, offbeat and abundant are some of the words that kept springing to mind when the state’s peak tourism body sat down to come up with a new campaign 13 months ago.

And today that campaign was revealed to great fanfare and acclaim.

Using MONA as a starting point, the television ad presents the state in all its quirky glory with an old-style circus feel, heavy on theatrics and chock-full of cameos from Tasmania’s most famous locals, including Tino Carnevale, Rob Pennicott, Sally Wise, Bill Lark, John X and David Foster.

Tourism Tasmania marketing director Kath McCann said the state was known for its stunning landscapes and incredible food.

“The holiday experience is on offer at first glance, but when you dig a little deeper it’s the things that sit below the surface that are the real experience of Tasmania,” she said.

The campaign’s core activity will run in Sydney and Melbourne from Sunday until May 31 and will also involve a strong online and social media component to extend visibility and contact with millions of potential visitors across the country and beyond.

Tourism Minister Scott Bacon said the campaign was a significant step away from traditional tourism marketing.

“In a sometimes comic and quirky way, the campaign encourages people who come to Tasmania to get to know more of our state, and travel beyond the major population centres and spend a few nights exploring those fantastic, truly Tasmanian experiences,” Mr Bacon said.

In addition to print, TV, cinema and online banner advertising, the campaign includes “lift wraps”, which will see the outer doors of elevators in high-traffic buildings in Sydney and Melbourne carry an image of an inviting entrance way.

Inside, the lift’s walls are fully covered in imagery to give the impression of having stepped into the real place, such as a relic shop that actually exists in Tasmania’s tourism hotspots.

To support the campaign, social media bloggers and photo journalists have been commissioned to develop new content.

Mr Bacon said the Go Behind the Scenery website would house more than 30 itineraries based on regional touring opportunities that take visitors behind the scenery across the state.

These itineraries have been developed in conjunction with the regional tourism organisations.

A series of comedic online videos will also be distributed through a campaign microsite. A video has been produced for each region featuring local actor John X as the presenter.

Production costs for the campaign were $1.3 million and the media spend was $1.7 million. Tourism Tasmania says the total value of media generated through the campaign is $3.3 million.

Whether you already live in Tasmania, plan to visit or plan to move to Tassie, then this campaign is sure to inspire you to visit a few places off the beaten track and immerse yourself in Tasmania.



Photo credit: Wineglass Bay from Mt Amos,  Tourism Tasmania and Chris McLennan