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    Hi there, it’s Robyn and Michael, ex- Canberra.
    We have finally settled into Launceston, a rental in Newstead until our forever house in Kings Meadows is ready. Thus far, the forum and blogs have proved most valuable, thanks to all.

    One question we have regards health services. Can anyone recommend good doctors and/or dentists, please? We are still finding our feet and although we don’t need medical assistance in the short term, we would like to get an idea of availability and prepare for regular check ups.

    Thank you.

    Jo (Admin)
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    Hi Robyn and Michael,

    Great to hear you are settling in and sounding very organised with your forever home on the way.

    We don’t have any direct recommendations for Launceston, sorry.

    In terms of doctors and dentists, I think the best bet is to ring around and choose based on convenience of location and availability of the doctors in that practice. You may find some practices bulk bill, but not a lot these days. Also, some have many doctors and some only a few – so with many, you can shop around within the clinic to find one you like and also see a different doctor if necessary within the same clinic when necessary. I am always finding that more and more doctors are part time, so it is hard to always see the same doctor at some clinics.

    If you are going to be in Newstead for 12-18 months, then you will likely choose a doctor over that way and then change once you move. Or if your needs are fairly infrequent you could consider Kings Meadows from day one? It’s not very far away after all.

    Sorry for no clear recommendations, just a ring around and try approach. For dentists I would personally probably look at their websites and see who promotes the least pain!!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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