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    I’m Jeanette and I’m moving with my family (husband and 6 year old son) to Hobart. We are moving from Melbourne as my husband is taking up a new position in Hobart. We only had 2 months notice, with just 6 weeks to go! Our move is arrange, no stress there – I only need help and advice on schooling. We have 2 months furnished accommodation (Dec & Jan) and then we will be renting at first and hopefully getting into the property market after 6 months or a year. What makes it hard is that we want to rent in a good public school zone, but also an area we can buy in, in future as we don’t want to move schools again. We have a dog and we need a garden, so not inner city living. Any help or advice will be welcomed!
    We have applied to 2 independent schools in North Hobart and Sandy Bay. If my son gets into one of them I suppose it will limit the areas to Hobart’s side as I believe driving over the big bridge can be a nightmare.

    Kind regards Jeanette

    Jo (Admin)
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    Hi Jeannette,

    Lovely to see you here!

    It does get tricky to coordinate schools and rental housing, and then to find an area to rent that then matches a market you will later buy in.

    Unfortunately the current property market makes that a trickier than normal as both the rental market and the sales market have lower stock than normal, although it is improving very slightly.

    At least you are moving over summer when most property managers seem to coordinate having leases expire and then more properties are on the market, so you will see most properties for rent over summer. Therefore, for a rental commencing in February there will be more around, but there will also be a lot of people looking. So like always you will need to be organised and have your paperwork all ready before you start looking and be ready to apply immediately after an inspection of a property you like.

    I recently did a search for a family who decided they wanted to focus on a search in Sandy Bay because of the public primary schools there and we really didn’t have many choices in terms of houses. They ended up needing to spend more on rent than anticipated, but ended up with a lovely house and love the new school too.

    Be ready though, that applying for rental properties with a dog is difficult. The majority of places will say no pets and you will mostly have more luck being further from town and in properties that are not so ‘flash’. It does unfortunately cut out a lot of properties and takes a lot of time to contact agents for properties which don’t specify on the listing if pets are considered. Even when pets are considered, an application without pets will generally win over one with, other things being equal. As a pet owner, I find it very frustrating. It is not impossible, but you will need to have flexibility on the location for your new home to account for this, which I know then affects the school if you end up choosing a government school.

    If you are choosing an independent / private school then the location of the rental, if further away, will be an inconvenience for sure, but at least it is short term until you buy. If however you go government, you need to be in the zone of the school, in which case we need to make sure your temp accommodation is in the zone when you enrol.

    I hope that helps a little for now! Let me know of any more questions as you get going. Have a look around and perhaps look at the Where to Live section and videos too. I hope I haven’t confused you and raised too many more questions than answers…


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    Thanks for the response Jo!

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