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    Hi Forum

    David and Nicole checking in. We’re in the process of work hunting with the hope of upping our lives (and our two pugs) to resettle in Hobart. The pull of a more relaxed existence and the chance to have four real seasons is finally too strong to ignore.

    We both work for the NSW State Government Executive, so any advice on job hunting in Tassie would be great!


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    Hi David and Nicole,

    Welcome! Congrats on the big decision to make the move to Tassie.

    It really can be such a lovely lifestyle. We are lucky enough to live right near the beach and each day as I walk our dog Charlie on the beach I think about how lucky we are.

    Re work – check out the finding work page here in the member area – . If you are keen to stay in Government, then set up alerts on the Tas Gov job site that is linked to from that page. All jobs are advertised – although be aware of course that sometimes there will be internal applicants that are shoe-ins and the advertisement process can be a formality.

    It is worth making contacts with the departments that you specialise in if that is appropriate. Or if there are companies that interest you where you see a fit, even if no vacancies advertised. Tassie does work on contacts to a large extent and making connections helps. So reach out and see what happens. Also not all positions are advertised, so it is worth doing the call around as such.

    I had a client a few years ago who struggled to get interviews from advertised jobs who literally walked around real estate agents dropping off her CV as she had previously working in admin at an agency. She had 3 offers within a day or two for positions that were not advertised. She went with one as receptionist, was then promoted pretty quickly and super happy.

    I know that example is at a different level, but there are hidden jobs everywhere. At a higher level there could be contract/consulting work as a starting point.

    Also, make sure you are pretty ready to move and get started in a role when you apply. People will wait, and I know that starting date shouldn’t be the most important criteria, but sometimes it makes a difference. I am sure you are both great catches anyhow! Our government exec needs some of those!!


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