Settled In is a Home Search and Relocation Services company, operating in Tasmania helping those moving to Tasmania or within Tasmania.

We provide relocation and settling assistance to those relocating to Tasmania, including a Move to Tasmania Membership, planning consultations, property inspections and home rental searches.

This blog is provided as a resource for those planning to move to Tasmania.

Dale and Jo Reardon are the owners and operators of Settled In Pty Ltd and this blog.

Settled In Pty Ltd
5 Albert St, Kingston Beach, Tasmania 7050

Questions about your move?

We appreciate that you have a lot of questions, however we do not have the resources to respond to specific questions about your move. That is only possible for members (via a forum) and clients of our home search services.

To answer your specific questions about your move to Tasmania, we have a few options for you:

Please also leave a comment on the Start Here page. We use the comments to direct us when creating new content for the blog.

If you are currently living outside Australia and need help with visas, note that we are not qualified to respond to those questions. You are best to start your research by visiting the Australian Government visa website, and also the Tasmanian Government migration website. The Tasmanian site includes details of migration agents who can help you with the process.

Use the form below to contact us with questions about our relocation services and to talk about how they can help you with your move.

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