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Our earlier post on Choosing Where to Living in Tasmania focused on the first three questions you need to answer in order to start to narrow down the options. These are:

  1. Do I want or need to be close to one of the main cities?
  2. What type of lifestyle do I want to create in Tasmania?
  3. How long will my commute to work be?

So now that you have all that in place it is time to talk about how to narrow down where to live within a particular city or region.


Questions to answer to find the best place for you to live in Tasmania

1. Will you buy or rent your new home in Tasmania?

Many people who move like to rent for a while even if they intend to buy down the track. One  reason for this is so they are sure that the area they buy into suits their lifestyle. Plus, before you move there are likely to be areas that you are not at all familiar with that may later become a favourite spot.

Of course if you plan to buy, even later, it is hard to resist looking at the current properties on the market and there is every chance that you will find something wonderful just waiting for you. There is no harm in just looking…  If you do find yourself falling in love with a place online, we can inspect it for you to save you the cost of travel, which seems even more expensive when you are not successful in finding a property.

I have had a number of clients initially intending to buy who have then changed their mind and I have helped them find a rental property. They have then started their search to buy soon after settling into their new home in Tasmania.


2. How much can you pay for your new home in Tasmania?

Regardless of whether you intend to rent or buy your new home in Tasmania, you will need to set a budget. I suggest that the budget is set with some basis and relates to both what you can afford and also to what you learn about what you get for your money in your chosen city or region of Tasmania.

We are happy to provide you with advice on where best to live to suit your budget. A key part of relocation services is suggesting the best places for you to live which suit the lifestyle you want and the budget you set.

As a first step, check out listings on and have a good look on Google Maps to become familiar with the location of suburbs and towns and their proximity to your potential workplaces and facilities which are important to you.


3. What services and facilities do you want close by your new home?

Different things are important to different people. Some people will search for the perfect house in a secluded setting and not be fussed about getting into the car to head to the nearest shop. Others will want to be able to walk to cafes, restaurants, shops and schools. You may be prepared to drive 20 minutes for some facilities, but need others much closer.

It is important to understand how you best like to live and what your priorities are in terms of proximity to shops, beaches and other facilities.


4. So which city, town or region of Tasmania best suits my lifestyle needs?

Now you have the answers to the questions of this post and my earlier post on choosing where to live in Tasmania. The next step is working out what specific places in Tasmania will meet these lifestyle needs.

You will have narrowed down a region, maximum travel time to a large centre, whether you wish to rent or buy a home and the budget, plus what is important to you in terms of services and facilities close by.

Now you have a couple of options. Firstly, you can talk to us about where might best suit you in terms of lifestyle and budget. We will happily give you advice and you can contact us to talk about your move to Tasmania.

Secondly, you may be planning a visit to Tasmania to have a look for yourself at some of the places which interest you. This is an ideal way to start to confirm or eliminate towns or suburbs from your list of possible locations.

Settled In provides an orientation tour and information service that can be tailored to your specific interests and be undertaken during your visit. This is probably best done early in your visit to provide an overview of the area you are considering. You can then explore in more depth over the coming days.


Photo Credit: mamnaimie via Compfight cc