Details Of Job Skills Being Sought For People Migrating to Tasmania

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The Tasmanian Government offers advice and assistance to people considering moving to Tasmania in terms of jobs being sought to be filled and Visa information. We are not migration agents and cannot offer you any advice on obtaining your Visa if you are wanting to migrate to Tasmania. We can however refer you to that [...]


Tasmania Seeks To Attract More People To Move To Tasmania

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Betsssssy via Compfight cc Photo Credit: Betsssssy via Compfight cc The Tasmanian Government is taking welcome action to try and boost the population of Tasmania. Various programs will be implemented and different forms of marketing and promotion will be put into place to attract more people to Tasmania. As a recent article we [...]


The National Broadband Network (NBN) is Now Available to Half of Hobart’s homes and businesses

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Photo Credit: selva via Compfight cc Whatever your political views I think we can all agree that faster, more reliable internet, particularly with greater upload speeds, is vital to Tasmania and Australia. Tasmania needs the NBN to give our residents greater business opportunities and to attract people to come and live in Tasmania. [...]


Financial Help For Building Your First Home in Tasmania

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Photo Credit: Alex E. Proimos via Compfight cc $20,000 Assistance from Government for First Home Builders in Tasmania Great news if you are wanting to build a new home in Tasmania - The Tasmanian Government has decided to extend by 6 months the $20,000 grant to first time new home builders in Tasmania. [...]


Smoke-Free Area Laws for Tasmania

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  Photo Credit: Wonderlane via Compfight cc Tasmania has some of the toughest smoke-free area laws in Australia. If you smoke and are moving to Tasmania then it is worth your while to be aware of the laws in place. The Tasmanian Government Department of Health and Human Services has all the information [...]


Six Tasmanian Schools Take Steps Towards Adding Years 11 and 12

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Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon via Compfight cc One of the common questions we receive is about schooling in Tasmania and how years 11 and 12 are normally conducted in separate colleges in Tasmania rather than in the same high schools that go through to grade 10. Well the Tasmanian Government is exploring adding years [...]


New Rules for Bringing Your Pets to Australia

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Photo Credit: mamnaimie via Compfight cc The Australian Government Department of Agriculture has released new guidelines for the importation of dogs, cats and other animals into Australia. The good news is, that in most cases, when you are moving to Australia and wish to bring the family pets, that the duration of time [...]


First home builders grant $30,000 in Tasmania

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Photo Credit: Images_of_Money via Compfight cc The Tasmanian State Government has announced an increase in the first home owner's grant for those buying or building a new house. This grant will now be $30,000, through to the end of 2014. It is hoped that this will provide a boost to the building industry [...]


Power Prices May Fall in Tasmania

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It was recently announced that electricity prices may be decreased 'modestly' following a government submission to the Economic Regulator. The article from The Mercury is below. This story from The Mercury. Power Prices Set to Fall Power prices in Tasmania are set to fall for the first time in a decade with a government submission to [...]


Travel and Transport in Tasmania

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Spirit of Tasmania | Tourims Tasmania | Rick Eaves Tasmania is small and perfect for driving holidays and day trips from your new home. Although it can take you longer to get to places than you imagine due to being mostly on secondary roads and wanting to fossick in each small town along [...]


Government in Tasmania

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In most parts of Australia there are three levels of Government and Tasmania is no different. A recent post provided detail and links about Local Government in Tasmania. Local government is often seen to look after the three R's - roads, rubbish and rates. Get these right and most of your residents are happy! Of [...]