Photo Credit: mamnaimie via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: mamnaimie via Compfight cc

There are a number of things to consider when you are moving with pets and particularly when moving to a new state or country.


If you are moving to Tasmania from outside Australia then you first need to satisfy the quarantine requirements for Australia. These are detailed by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. Visit their site here.

Note that there have been some changes to the quarantine requirements for bringing animals into Australia. A separate blog post explains the changes and provides the appropriate links. You can find those details here.

If you are moving to Tasmania from another state or territory in Australia or from overseas then you need to meet the biosecurity requirements for Tasmania (and also this page).

There are a number of special requirements for dogs, which are detailed on this page. Also read the Bringing a dog into Tasmania Fact sheet.

The list of animals that can be brought in freely to Tasmania includes cats. Read the full list.


Getting Your Pets to Tasmania

If you are travelling to Tasmania on the Spirit of Tasmania then you can bring your pets with you. Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, some birds, chickens and ducks may travel on Spirit of Tasmania. However, depending on the temperament of your pet this may or may not be a suitable option. Doing it this way mean you will have your pets with you in the car from your old home to Melbourne and then from Devonport to wherever you are headed in Tassie. One dog in this case may be fine, but throw in a cat and rabbit and you may be asking for trouble!

Another option, which we have used several times in the past, is the use the services of a pet transporting service. There are quite a few of these around now and you can either drop your pets at the airport or they can be collected from your home or pet boarding facility. On arrival in Tasmania you can collect from the airport or await their arrival at your home or to pet boarding if you home isn’t yet ready for them. We have used both Jetpets and Dogtainers (not just for dogs) in the past and been very happy with the service. There are many others which come up on Google.

A third option is to arrange directly with the airline for your pets to be on the same flight as you when you fly to Tasmania. This is available with Qantas and Virgin Australia.


Renting a Home with Pets

We have written before about renting a home in Tasmania that allows pets. The tenancy legislation in Tasmania only allows for one standard bond to be paid which cannot be equivalent to more than four weeks’ rent. As such, landlords and agents are not able to change an additional pet bond. This leads to many landlords being unwilling to accept pets as they are concerned that any damage caused may not be covered by the standard bond payable.

If you have a small dog or cat you will do better, but unfortunately larger dogs and several pets are not looked upon so lovingly. As a long term large dog owner it is very frustrating as our pets have rarely caused any damage at all.

If you are intending to rent a house then be prepared for the selection of houses to be limited when you have pets. Not all real estate listings will note whether or not pets are accepted, so many phone calls are needed to find out for each property that may be a contender. Also, if it says no pets it is often worth a call if you have a cat or other small animal as that is often ok.


If you would like our assistance with moving you pets to Tasmania or finding a rental property for you and your pets, then please get in touch.