We have previously written about choosing your phone and internet services in Tasmania and our conclusion remains that Telstra is the network with by far the best coverage in Tasmania, and this is even more so if you travel outside the main areas of Hobart or Launceston.

However Telstra can seem expensive compared to Optus or Vodafone so we thought it would be useful to bring to your attention other options known as Telstra resellers or mobile virtual network operators. These companies don’t have their own network but rather resell the services of an actual network owner such as Optus or Telstra.

Our advice remains to stick with Telstra and a very good Telstra reseller who has a special relationship with Telstra and is hence treated more favourably than other resellers is Boost Mobile.

Often when using a reseller you don’t get access to the full network features of the parent operator. However there is some very good news, that Boost Mobile is going to have access to Telstra’s 4G network very shortly. An extract from the article is below for your perusal and is courtesy of this tech news site.

Days after ALDIMobile launched competitive new products (although without access to the full Next G network), Boost has struck back with the timeliest of 4G boosts.

From 29 September this year, Boost Mobile is finally going 4G at last – well before Telstra Wholesale makes 4G available to MVNO customers because of Boost’s special retail partnership with Telstra that makes it more than just another MVNO (mobile virtual network operator).

There’s good news, too – unlike Amaysim, which increased its prices once it made the move to 4G, Boost Mobile not only says that there will be ‘no additional price increase to its current or new customers on both its existing simple value prepaid recharge options,’ but even better is promised.

Boost Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Ian Blackhall, told me in a phone conversation that was on the record to ‘watch this space’ for even better value to come in the future, with no plans to go backwards in value for Boost’s customers, but only forwards.

Of course, Blackhall wasn’t making any specific announcements about precisely what will come in the future, but the clear inference is that if you like the value you’re getting from Boost Mobile now, your happiness is sure to be boosted in the future – which is great to hear and will be ever greater to see.

That said, there is an immediate boost to celebrate Boost’s 4G boost – Boost Mobile will, ‘from 29 September (12:00AM AEST) until 26 October (11:59PM AEST)’ also add an extra 1GB of bonus Sunday data on Boost’s $40 UNLTD option.

The explanation is that ‘when customers activate or recharge with $40 UNLTD during this period, they’ll receive an additional 1GB bonus data to use each Sunday before the expiry date, so instead of up to 7GB of data, customers can enjoy up to a massive 11GB.’

For someone like me that is a Boost customer who could always do with more data, it’s great news. It’s a shame it’s for Sunday only, but there’s a lot you can do with that extra data each Sunday, especially if you’re out and about and away from your home Wi-Fi.

Update your apps or download some new ones, gorge on YouTube videos, subscription TV service or your favourite music streaming service, or anything else that requires a little extra data you could do on a Sunday that you don’t want chewing up the 3GB allocation for the rest of the month.

It’s also important to know that Boost’s Sunday bonus data does not roll over, so if you don’t use you’ll lose it, but seeing as it is a bonus above and beyond the 3GB monthly allocation – just remember to use it each Sunday to take full advantage of this newly boosted bonus!

In the official media release, Boost’s aforementioned CMO, Ian Blackhall, said: “We know Boost Mobile customers spend a lot of time on their phones using data to stream videos and download content. We wanted to make sure they could continue doing what they love, but now with the power of 4G.

“We also wanted to make sure this wouldn’t impact the cost. Boost Mobile is committed to providing customers increased value without an increase in price.”

Boost Mobile alerted its customers of the change earlier today by SMS, and pointed its customers to this 4G Boost Mobile page with plenty of questions and answers.

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