Sitting alongside our blog, we have some additional information for you to help you get to know Tasmania a little better.

Tasmanian Property

Our property page directs you to some of our blogs posts that will help you start your home search in Tasmania. Plus you can use the search tool to start looking at current property listings for any suburb or town in Tassie.

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Jobs in Tasmania

Our jobs page directs you to some of our blogs posts that will give you tips on how best to go about finding work in Tasmania. Plus we list all the current online job advertisements for Tasmania. You can filter this by location and keyword to find job vacancies to suit your requirements.

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Tasmanian news

On the news page we list current news headlines for Tasmania. See what is happening now.

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Tasmanian Holidays and Events

Keen to know what is going on in Tasmania at any time of the year? Our events page lists all public holidays, school holidays, major events and festivals. More are being added regularly.

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Tasmanian weather

The Tasmanian weather is always a topic of conversation among locals and people thinking about a move to Tassie. On our weather page we share a few stats with you, plus you can see the current and forecast weather for any city or town in Tasmania.

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Book flights and accommodation to Tasmania

The travel page allows you to search for flights to Tasmania and accommodation across the state. Maybe for a visit before you move or for a one way trip to start your new life in Tasmania.

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