This is a guest post from Tasmania’s Price’s Removals & Storage. Here they answer some of the most frequently asked questions about moving yourself and your belongings to Tasmania.


Are you considering a move to Tasmania? You’re certainly not alone. This beautiful, historic, thriving and diverse state has a lot to offer from career prospects to gorgeous scenery and all kinds of attractions. Whatever you’re looking for in your life and career, there’s a great chance that you’ll find it here.

In this post we’ll answer some of our most Frequently Asked Questions about moving here, so you can make an informed choice and enjoy a well-planned, stress-free moving experience.


What are the advantages of moving to Tasmania?

We take a much more relaxed approach to life here in Tasmania. If you want to achieve your career goals, but don’t want to get stuck in the rat race, this is the perfect state to make your dreams come true. With an industrious and diversified economy, wherever your skills, talents and passions lie, you have an opportunity to make a satisfying career and a happy life.

We have some of the most affordable housing in Australia. On average, Tasmanians find that they could buy three properties for the price of a single property in Sydney. And our vibrant, friendly and welcoming communities ensure that you’ll always feel like a proper Tasmanian from the day you move in.

Take a look at this video to get to know some of our highlights in just a few minutes…


Tasmania offers exciting city life with a vibrant arts scene, and gorgeous cafes, bars and restaurants. Not to mention the beautiful scenery that makes living here so satisfying. Check out picturesque Mount Wellington, or take a wine tour in the stunning Tamar Valley if you’re ready to fall instantly in love.

Whatever you’re looking for in your life or career, you can find it here.


Can I bring my own plants to Tasmania?

Our house plants are so much more than just a part of our decor. They’re almost like a part of the family. They purify our air, help us feel relaxed and make a huge contribution to our quality of life. So it would be a shame to have to leave them behind.

The good news is that plants can be taken with you. However, a Quarantine Certificate is required for the relocation of your house plants. You should also ensure that your plants are properly prepared for transportation, so that they aren’t damaged or traumatised by the move.

We recommend that the plants in pots be placed into a carton that has been plastic lined ( a garbage bag will do just fine) and watered prior to transportation.


Can I bring my pet with me?

Your pets are crucial to your wellbeing. It’s completely understandable that you will want to bring them with you as you start your new life in Tasmania. In the vast majority of cases, Pet Relocation can be arranged. Your veterinarian will be ideally placed to advise you on the necessary requirements for moving your pet. These will depend on where you’re moving from, the kind of pet you have, their overall health and other factors to ensure a safe and harmonious relocation.


Can you make it easier for me to relocate my pet?

Absolutely! We arrange your pet’s relocation and help to navigate pet boarding if required with relevant pet relocation companies.


Hobart Waterfront | Tourism Tasmania | Glenn Gibson


What about moving my vehicle?

If you have multiple vehicles, you likely won’t be able to make several trips back and forth to relocate them to your new home. Fortunately, the relocation of your motor vehicles can be arranged either from the uplift address (your old home) or an alternative address if required. This goes for anything from cars and motorbikes to trailers and boats.


What if I have a mix of things for storage and delivery?

You may have a variety of belongings. Some of which you will want to take with you, and others you may want to keep in storage. It’s simply a case of organising your belongings for the movers. Separate inventories well completed at the uplift address for (A) transportation to residence and (B) storing in a unit. Simply show the uplift crew which is which and let them take care of the rest.


How long does it take to move my belongings?

The average transit time for a full sole use 20ft container is an average 5-7 working days. However, this may vary depending on where you are moving from. Smaller volume consignments are transported via shared/ Groupage container service. In this instance, transit times are likely to be longer, although this will also depend on the origin location. We recommend booking temporary accommodation until your move is complete.


Why is moving across Bass Strait so expensive?

This is a question that’s commonly asked by Melburnians. The reason for the excessive cost is mainly because of the Port Fees, which can get very expensive at the Melbourne end.


In conclusion…

Moving to Tasmania might just be the best thing that ever happened to you and your family. And our expert interstate moving service can ensure that your move goes as smoothly, affordably and free of stress as possible.

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6 thoughts on “A Practical Guide for Moving to Tasmania (and all your FAQs)”

  1. We have just recently moved back to Tasmania with all the covid thing happening. Best decision ever for me and the family. Indeed much more relax and stress-free.

  2. Hi Jo,
    As I have already mentioned, rental viewing is a service that I will need due to not knowing anyone in Tasmania. I really want to live in Launceston. $280 per inspection in Hobart region is offered as part of your services but do you offer a service fee for Launceston region?
    Kind Regards Ange

    1. Hi Ange,

      Our inspection service is only available in the Hobart region, where we are based. We have occasionally done one or two up north when it coincided with a personal visit. However, to travel to Launceston for an inspection would mean adding on additional fees for travel time, which makes the total fee unreasonable.

      You may find that some agents are doing virtual viewings, but probably less so in the rental market.

      I am sorry I can’t be of more help for you.


  3. Hi Jo,
    We are moving back to Tassie in January and are wondering if we can bring our pot plants with us. We are coming from Queensland.

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