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The move to Tasmania Membership gives you all the information you need to make the move to Tasmania.

The private forum provides you with exclusive access to ask all your questions and get answers from the locals.

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Home Inspections

We are relocation specialists.

We can inspect properties on your behalf and find the answers to all your questions.

Property to rent and properties for sale.

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The Move to Tasmania Blog includes a wealth of information, brought together here since 2011.

Find information to help you and stories of people who have already made the move to Tasmania.

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Sam and Nick

One inspection and a successful rental application

Woo hoo - great news, we have secured the property and are signing the tenancy agreement.
How smooth was that! Couldn't have done it without you - obviously! - THANK YOU THANK YOU AND THANK YOU!"

Julie and family

Moved from Queensland with her family

The checklists took all the things that were swirling around in my mind onto paper.
I was able to simply tick things off and be comfortable that there was some order to the chaos!

Thana and Kaz

Planning their move to Tasmania

Greeting from Jakarta !!
And truly , we cannot thank you enough for your very very helpful information for us ! 

Nicole and David

Rental inspection completed

Thanks so much we really appreciate you attending on short notice. We are sorry for all the hassle. 
We would love to catch up for a coffee when you are back and we have settled into Hobart life. 


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